Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1526 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1526

Zachary’s cell phone started ringing.

Before Zachary looked at his phone, he told Josh, “It must be my wife calling. She may want to pick me up from the company after work.”

Josh pouted. “Hey, I am doing pretty well myself. Heck, I’m even having my wedding before you. You don’t have to show off your love and affection, it doesn’t provoke me at all”

With a wide grin on his face, Zachary replied, “I’m not showing off That’s just how my wife and I get along every day.”

It was either Zachary picking Serenity up or the other way round It became the couple’s daily routine.

The moment Zachary took out his phone and realized that it was Remy calling, his ever-handsome face twitched

Zachary thought it was Serenity who called. He did not expect it to be Remy

With eyes as sharp as a hawk, Josh saw that it was Remy’s name on Zachary’s screen.

Josh busted out laughing.

As Zachary gave him a mean glare, Josh turned away and continued his gleeful laughter

Despite the humiliating circumstance, Zachary answered Remy’s call

“Mr. York.”

Zachary responded with a grunt.

Remy could sense the annoyance in Zachary’s voice. With a smile on his face, he apologetically said, ” Sorry to interrupt you from your meals.”

“I haven’t taken my meal yet.”

Zachary responded, without dropping the low voice.

“What do you need me for, Mr. Johnson?”

It must have been unrelated to official business.

Remy would follow the standard procedure and go through the secretary first if it was official business

By dialing Zachary’s personal number, it would most probably be a private matter.

If Remy had private issues that could trouble Zachary, it must be related to Elisa.

“Oh, it’s nothing urgent. It’s just that I have some free time tonight, as I don’t have any social activities to attend. Since you haven’t eaten, I thought of inviting you to dinner. What say you?”

With a deep voice, Zachary said, “Sad to say, I have to socialize tonight. I can’t make it. It’s better to make an appointment with me in advance if you want to invite me for dinner next time.”

Disappointed, Remy chuckled. “That’s unfortunate. When will you be free then, Mr. York? Let’s have dinner together”

“Are you by chance planning to return to Annenburg, Mr Johnson? I’m going to bring my wife there for a trip next week. Maybe you could invite us for dinner then if you decide to return.”

Remy thought for a while and replied, “I’m not planning to return to Annenburg for now. Are you visiting

Annenburg next week, Mr. York? I’ll inform my brother so he’ll be there to welcome you when you arrive

Zachary said politely, “Sorry for troubling the both of you.”

He aimed to take Serenity on a leisurely trip to relax. In hopes of building a friendship for Serenity and Jane, he also planned to give Ben and Jane a visit.

“It’s no trouble at all, really”

Remy smiled and added, “I’ll leave you to it then, Mr. York. I’ll inform my brother so he can make preparations.”

Jane was due to give birth in July. However, she was pregnant with twins, which might result in an early delivery in June.

It was already April and Jane had rarely left her house. Ben did not run the company to the fullest of his abilities, as he was always by his wife’s side, awaiting the arrival of his two children.

Right after ending his conversation with Remy, Zachary heard a question from his friend.

“You’re taking your wife on vacation next week?”

“Alright, this is the plan. Seren will be too worried to leave while Liberty is still in the hospital. The good news is, Seren will be in the mood for a trip once Liberty is discharged next week.”

Zachary was busy with work on recent nights, trying to tie up loose ends-only then could he take some time off to accompany his wife on a trip as a diversion, all to relieve Serenity’s stress and to keep her from worrying about infertility.

“I won’t be working next week.”

Josh reminded his friend. He feared that the matters of the company would be relegated to him while Zachary went on a trip with his wife.

Zachary glanced at Josh and said with a chuckle, “Don’t worry, it wouldn’t affect your wedding. My wife and I will be back before your big day. After all, we are good friends with both of you, not to mention we were your matchmakers. We wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world.”


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