Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1527 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1527

“The Yorks have so many men. Even if you and I aren’t around, they’ll be able to hold up. Besides, I’m just going to be away for a few days. York Corp is a big group with mature management. Even if we’re not available for a month, the company will be fine,” Zachary said to Josh.

The mid-level and senior managers in the company were not raised for nothing.

Josh breathed a sigh of relief and chuckled as he said, “As long as you’re not asking me to stay in the office to work my butt off for you.”

Zachary said with amusement, “I’m not an exploiter Look how nervous you are I’ve never ordered you around, have 1?”

“No, no, I’ve always volunteered to be ordered about by you.”

Zachary was lost for words.

Josh chuckled and said, “I should be glad to have worked hard for you After finding your happiness, you didn’t forget about me and matched Jasmine to me. We’re good friends and brothers.”

“You’re as sweet as ever with your words. No wonder Ms. Sox fell for you and agreed to marry you so quickly,” Zachary commented.

“It wasn’t quick. We got together for half a year before getting married, okay? Is that fast? I can’t wait to have a simple and good life with her.”

Josh and Jasmine had gotten their marriage license, but they had not slept together.

Jasmine was still living with her family. Although Josh wanted it very badly, he did not dare sleep in her parent’s house. Luckily, the wedding was not far away. Once the wedding was over, Josh would be able to sleep with Jasmine however he wanted.

Zachary and Josh chatted and soon arrived at Wiltspoon School.

School was over long ago, but there were still many vehicles in front of the school. The students’ parents who attended the morning session were here to pick up their children. There were many cars and people.

Zachary’s fleet discreetly avoided the traffic flow and parked in the most remote place so as not to easily attract everyone’s attention.

Seeing that there were still so many people, Zachary instructed his bodyguards, “Wait in the cars, and don’t follow us. There are too many people. We’ll attract too much attention if you follow us.”

This was a school, so Zachary did not want to be too high-profile and attract the students’ attention.

Zachary and Josh got off together.

The two of them walked toward the bookstore.

Zachary was holding a bouquet at first. He remembered about it after taking a few steps and immediately turned back to put it back in the car.

Josh waited for him in the same spot When Zachary returned, Josh teased him, “Why don’t you hold the bouquet and wave it around? Many people are watching now”

“It’s easy to do that but this isn’t the right place”

The audience here was different

Zachary felt that it was best to keep a low profile in front of students The best would be that people did not know who he was.

That said, it was quite difficult.

Zachary and Serenity’s love story had long been hot news in Wiltspoon.

Almost everyone in Wiltspoon knew about them. Students were often on their mobiles nowadays and knew more than adults.

Zachary’s identity was open and transparent to the students who often visited the bookstore.

Fortunately, Zachary was too serious and cold. Every time he showed up in the bookstore, he gave the students the feeling that he was stricter than their dean. As such, none of the female students fancied Zachary. Instead, everyone sympathized with Serenity for marrying such a grim-looking and indifferent man.

Zachary would probably be speechless if knew that was how the students viewed his marriage with Serenity.

He was well aware that the bookstore’s business would be bad if he showed up.

Zachary was sensible and stood at the door. He only went in when the students left after buying what they wanted.

Josh was sweeter than Zachary and liked to smile. Since he was more approachable, he directly went into the store to help.

Jasmine was happy to see Josh.

She smiled and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick you up from work so we can go home for dinner. We can also drop by our newlywed house on the way.”


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