Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1528 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1528

Josh answered softly and whispered in Jasmine’s ear, “I came with Zachary He knows he looks too cold and will scare your little customers away, so he’s standing guard in front of the store. He’s more useful than a surveillance camera.”

Jasmine chuckled

Serenity heard the young couple’s conversation and knew her man was here too.

She looked out and saw Zachary’s tall and robust body.

Zachary and Josh came after work. It was past the busiest time in the store

The former stood in front of the store for a few minutes and then entered

“Seren, can we go now?” Zachary asked his beloved wife gently

Serenity looked at the time and replied to him, “Soon”

She then said to her best friend, “Jas, why don’t I leave first and you shut the door later before you leave?”

Jasmine readily agreed to it “Sure”

With that, Serenity went around the counter to go into the bathroom. She put on light makeup in the mirror before coming out of the bathroom.

After picking up her bag, Serenity went up to take Zachary’s arm “Babe, let’s go.”

Serenity waved goodbye to her best friend.

Jasmine waved back at the couple and watched them leave

Once they were out of sight, Jasmine retracted her gaze and said to Josh, “Serenity had always been confident. She had low self-esteem for a while when she first learned about Zachary’s real identity, but she quickly adjusted herself. Now, she’s more confident than before.”

“She adapted to her identity as the missus of the Yorks, as well as Zachary’s social network. She’s also deeply loved by Zachary and her in-laws. There’s no way she’s not confident.”

Josh had never underestimated Serenity.

He also did not dare underestimate Liberty.

Josh admired Liberty even more because she raised and lived with her sister at the age of fifteen. Although she lost a lot from her first marriage and had also lost herself, she was past that.

The Hunt sisters were amazing.

Josh did not find it surprising that his two buddies were enchanted by the sisters.

“So is my wife.”

Josh did not forget to compliment his wife after praising someone else’s wife.

Jasmine grinned “I never know what it means to have low self-esteem. Anyway, help move the shelves at the entrance inside and everything in as well. We can go after that. Did you say we’d be going to see our newlywed house?”

“Yep, the house we’ll live in after the wedding. You haven’t seen it with me yet,” Josh answered while walking out to help carry things inside

Jasmine asked, “I thought we’ll live in your house after our wedding.”

“We’ll definitely go home on our wedding day Once we’re back from our honeymoon, we’ll live in the hilltop villa. Zachary also has a large villa there You’ve been there before, right? Our home is also near there, so it’ll be convenient for you and Serenity to meet.”

Jasmine responded, “Oh, you have a house there too.”

Josh had taken her to visit a few villas that belonged to him. She thought that was all, so she did not expect there to be others she had not visited.

“I have a lot of houses in all the major cities in the country, but I have the most in Wiltspoon. I decided to make the hilltop villa our home because it’s the biggest and has the most luxurious decorations. Besides, it’s also closest to Zachary’s house. I’m sure you’ll like it.

“We have many houses, so I can’t show you all of them at once. When we have time in the future, let’s live in the different houses one by one.”

Jasmine chuckled and said, “I end up living as a landlady, after all”


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