Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1532 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1532

Camryn was embarrassed.

Callum took a few deep breaths and eased his tone as he said, “Hand me the end of your cane, and I’ll lead you there. We’ll take fewer detours so you won’t bump into other people.”

There were too many people at the wedding dinner.

Camryn could not see, so she could easily bump into others.

“Mr. Cal-”

“Call me Callum!”

Camryn pursed her lips again and said, “Tell me the route. I can walk there by myself.”

“I’ll count to three. If you don’t hand me the end of your cane, I’ll carry you there!”

Camryn was speechless.

She reached out the end of her cane to Callum to not anger him.

With that, Callum grabbed the cane. Nonetheless, he slid his hand further to the middle to shorten the distance between him and Camryn.

“Follow me,” Callum said in a low voice.

He took Camryn to the bathroom.

“I’ll wait for you at the door. If you don’t come out in half an hour, I’ll go in.”

Camryn asked, “Aren’t you afraid of being embarrassed?”

“You’re not afraid of that, so why should I? I’m super thick-skinned.”

Camryn did not say more and slowly walked to the restroom.

She only went in to wash her face and clear her head.

She was not good enough for Callum!

Even if Old Mrs. York chose her….

Callum could find a better woman.

If Camryn was not blind, she could consider him.

After staying in the bathroom for a few minutes, someone entered.

“Is that man at the door the second son of the Yorks? Why is he standing there?”

“He’s probably waiting for someone.”

“The men of the Yorks showed up together. They’re so handsome.”

“Mr. Bucham’s groomsmen are comparable to male celebrities.”

Camryn heard the discussion among some women.

She knew Callum was still waiting outside.

She sighed internally and washed her hands again. Afterward, she put on her sunglasses and walked out with her cane as though nothing happened.

When she moved, the women who entered the bathroom stopped talking and watched her leave in silence.

Callum thought Camryn would hide inside for at least half an hour. He went forward when he saw her come out.

He quietly took one end of her cane and led her away.

As he walked, he asked Camryn, “Are you full?”


Callum did not say anything else.

Camryn kept silent.

She let him lead her but eventually felt that something was wrong.

“Where are you taking me?” Camryn asked as she stopped in her tracks.

“Since you’re full, I’ll send you home. Then, we’ll have a good talk.”

Callum had almost led Camryn out of the hotel when she noticed that something was wrong.

Camryn refused, “No, my driver will come and pick me up. I don’t need to trouble you.”

Callum stared at her and asked her in a threatening tone, “Are you going to follow me, or should I knock you out and carry you away?”

Camryn was speechless.

People said that the men of the Yorks were domineering. She thought that only Zachary was like that, but it turned out that Callum had that side to him too.


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