Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 740 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 740

“Not yet. The beans will have to be sun-dried before being pickled.”

Serenity stayed away from the kitchen because it was too spicy. She glanced around the house once but did not see Sonny or Mrs. Lane, and asked, “Did Mrs. Lane take Sonny out?”

“Yeah, Sonny doesn’t like the spiciness and told Mrs. Lane to take him out for a walk. They’ll be back later for dinner. Seren, why did you come at this time? Don’t you need to cook for Zachary? You also mentioned that you were out to get an evening dress. Have you bought one?”

Serenity walked into her sister’s small kitchen and helped to wash the vegetables while replying, “I bought a few dresses. My mother-in-law helped me choose. She has really good taste. The gowns she selected were all really beautiful.”

However, they cost a bomb.

She secretly asked the clerk and found out that if she were to buy the dresses her mother-in-law had chosen, she would only be able to buy two or three pieces at most.

Although it was Zachary’s money, Serenity still felt bad about it.

That guy was really a big spender.

Those who earned more would spend more as well.

Fortunately, he had a lot of savings and bought a house in Brynfield.

Liberty hummed.

Ring ring ring…

The doorbell rang.

“Go see who’s at the door, Seren. My hands are dirty.”

Liberty shouted for her sister to get the door.

Serenity came out of the kitchen and went over to open the door.

“It should be Mrs. Lane and Sonny. Mrs. Lane- What are you doing here?”

The person standing at the door was not Mrs. Lane and Sonny, but Olivia.

“Serenity, is your sister home? I-I’m here to chat with your sister. Where’s Sonny? I want to see him too.”

Olivia was a little afraid of Serenity now.

“You want to chat with my sister at this time of day? You mean you want to bump a meal off her. What now, does your new daughter-in-law not cook for you? Does she not make you a seafood feast?”

Serenity could not help but speak sarcastically when it came to Olivia.

In the past, when Olivia brought her daughter and her family over, it was Serenity and Liberty who cooked for them. The family loved seafood, so every time they came over, they wanted Liberty to buy and prepare a seafood feast for them.

When they finished eating, they even took the leftovers home.

After they left, Hank would always blame Liberty for spending so much money. He implied that Liberty should use her own money to pay for the food used to feed her in- laws.

Olivia looked embarrassed.

Since it was too expensive to live in a hotel, Hank rented a four-room house that had two living rooms for the whole family to stay in.

Every day, Olivia and Chelsea thought of ways to get Jessica to cook.

Jessica was Hank’s secretary and was as busy as he was. How would she have the

time to serve his mother and sister?

Sometimes, Olivia did not eat out of anger and left home as well.

Of course, Olivia did not actually run away from home. It was just her protesting her son marrying Jessica.

At that moment, Olivia had not eaten yet. She missed the Hunt sisters’ cooking.

Serenity, can you let me in?”

“My sister is busy and has no time to chat with you. Sonny isn’t home either, so you won’t be able to see him. Please leave. If you want to see Sonny next time, please propose a place in advance and we’ll take him there instead for you to see him.”

Olivia did not budge.

She was vexed and just wanted to find someone to talk to.

However, she was only familiar with the residents in Bright Boulevard. Now that the house renovations were smashed and there were no plans to renovate the house again, they could not live there anymore.

Besides, even if she stayedthere, the acquaintances she was to meet would talk about her family’s affairs. Even someone as thick-skinned as Olivia was afraid of being judged by the whole neighborhood.

“Don’t close the door, Serenity. I won’t go in. I’m just here to chat with your sister. I’m facing a lot of troubles now. I’ll go crazy if I don’t find someone to talk to.”

Olivia descended from her pedestal and displayed a milder attitude.


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