Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 743 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 743

After chasing Olivia away, Serenity said to her sister, “If she ever comes again, don’t let her in. Just move a stool and sit at the door, make a pot of tea, and enjoy some snacks.

“Think of her chatter as watching a good show.”

As Zachary said, there was no need to bother themselves with Olivia if she did not. come to take Sonny away. Only by listening to her complaints could they find out how Hank and Jessica were doing.

“I don’t even want to listen to her.”

Liberty used her actions to prove that she really did not want anything to do with her former mother-in-law.

No one knew what Olivia was thinking about coming over once every couple of days to vent to Liberty.

By logic, Olivia should be afraid to let Liberty know that their family was in shambles. Yet, she took the initiative to come over and update Liberty about her son and Jessica.

Did she think Liberty would change her mind?

It was laughable.

“What are you cooking, Seren? I smell something burning.”

“Oh! My dish!”

Serenity rushed back into the kitchen, but the pot was already burnt.

It was all Olivia’s fault!

She had to start over again.

After hanging out at her sister’s house till late, Serenity returned to her home in Brynfield and waited for Zachary to return from work.

She spent several days like this, and then came the day of the annual dinner at York. Corporation.

The dinner would start at 7:30 pm, as stated in the invitation Zachary brought back to her.

In actuality, it would be starting at 7:00 pm.

The half-hour was allocated for Zachary’s speech as the head of the company. He took great pains in order to conceal his identity so as not to scare his wife.

At 7:00 pm, Jasmine and her brother arrived at Brynfield.

“I thought you wouldn’t accept Mr. Bucham’s invitation.”

Serenity opened the door to let her best friend and Drake into the house. She teased Jasmine when she saw the latter wearing a beautiful evening gown like hers. matched with a pair of stilettos and a delicate purse.

Jasmine laughed. “The price he offered was too tempting. I can resist Mr. Bucham’s face, but I can’t resist the temptation of money.”

Josh asked Jasmine to be his plus one, saying that they were somewhat friends after going on a blind date and sharing meals often. He also asked her to be his shield by acting as his girlfriend.

Jasmine refused.

However, Josh told her to think of it as a job as he was paying her to play the role.

Even Jasmine, who was not lacking money, could not resist being enticed by Josh’s offer since the price was too high, and she ultimately chose to act as his female. companion.

Both women were dressed in makeup and high heels, so it was hard to drive. Drake had to act as a chauffeur for the pair of best friends.

Zachary wanted to come back to pick Serenity up, but she refused, thinking that it was tiring for him to go back and forth.

“If he were to offer a higher price and said he wanted to marry you, would you agree?”

Jasmine paused before answering, “No way. I want to marry based on mutual feelings, not as a transaction.

“I’m not brave enough like you to get married out of the blue.”

She went on a blind date with Josh and he pursued her several times before his fire extinguished. Nowadays, he asked her brother out instead.

Jasmine leaned into Serenity’s ear and whispered, “Seren, do me a favor. Ask your husband if Mr. Bucham swings the other way. I think he’s trying to get with my brother.”

Serenity was shocked and darted a quick glance at Drake.


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