Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 751 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 751

Zachary took the time to answer. Seeing there was a nearby pergola, he walked toward it.

The fake snow around the structure gave an illusion of a winter wonderland.

There was a stone table at the center of the pergola. Zachary scanned the fake snow everywhere, somehow getting the chill of December. He said to Remy, “The fake snow adds a nice touch to the view.

It snowed in Meadspring. By now, the city would drop to freezing temperatures and be covered in a thick blanket of snow.

The closest thing to snowflakes in Wiltspoon was fake snow.

“Well, it’s only right to decorate during the festive season. The snow in the estate and on the ski slope is real. Can I interest you in going down the slopes?”

Zachary faintly replied, “I prefer skiing up north.”

Remy smiled. “Oh, me too. We can set a time to go together and admire the snow there. What better way to enjoy the view than up north on the slope?

“It looks like something is on your mind, Mr. York. If I may ask if you’re down in the dumps due to a relationship problem?”

Although Remy was single, his keen eye picked up on Zachary’s absent-mindedness during his brother’s wedding.

Although Zachary had published his relationship on Facebook stories and everybody at York Corporation was aware that he was taken, Zachary had not publicly announced his marriage.

Despite knowing that fact, Remy decided to play dumb until Zachary decided to go public with his marital status.

Looking at Remy, Zachary asked, “Is it that obvious?”

Remy grinned. “People who don’t know you well won’t notice it since you always keep a deadpan face but that’s how you look when you have something on your mind.

“I can lend an ear if you feel you can trust me, but I might not be able to be of help though. I’m single after all.”

Remy did not even have a girlfriend.

He once had a crush on a girl sitting in the front of the class during his younger days. He applied to a different college after high school. He kept in touch with the girl in the beginning, but she later got a boyfriend. That was when Remy stopped contacting her.

Over the years, Remy managed the subsidiary of FC & Co. conscientiously while his love life stood nonexistent. He had not met a girl he liked or made his heart flutter.

To Remy, love would happen when it was meant to be.

He believed his time would come.

Love would come when it was least expected, and it could not be forced.

He was waiting to meet the girl who would enter his life out of nowhere.

After a brief silence, Zachary uttered, “I trust you, Mr. Johnson, but as you said, you’re single and probably won’t understand how torn I am feeling right now. I’m hoping to speak with. your brother.

“Can you convey my message to Mr. Young-Johnson?”

Remy answered with a smile, “Sure thing. Do you want to meet my brother now?”

Zachary must have come all the way to FC Manor today to meet with his brother.

“It depends on Mr. Young-Johnson’s availability today. I know it’s not a good time to bother him considering it’s only a day after his wedding.”

Zachary understood that his presence was rather untimely and inappropriate.

Out of all the days, he had to visit on the day after Ben’s wedding.

Remy looked at the time and responded, “My brother should be free. Let me ask him.”

He then pulled out his phone and gave Ben a call.

It did not take long for Ben to pick up.

After Remy conveyed Zachary’s wishes to see him, Ben happily agreed to chat privately with Zachary.


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