Married at First Sight Chapter 1872 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1872 by desirenovel-“Sonny, isn’t this little sister cute?” Grandma May stared at Avah and asked Sonny.

“Cute, very cute. Great grandma, can I hold my little sister?”

Sonny also wanted to touch Avah, but Grandma May was worried that he was too young, so she patted Sonny’s little hand away and said, “Don’t touch Avah randomly, if you don’t control the strength, it will hurt the baby, the baby’s skin is very tender.”

Sonny: “…Grandma, I haven’t even touched my little sister yet, how do you do it?”

Grandma May: “Do you know that I will hurt your little sister? Grandma just doesn’t want you to touch her.”

His great Grandma touched Avah by herself, as if she was touching a rare treasure, but she didn’t let Sonny touch her.

“Yes, yes, grandma just doesn’t want me to touch my little sister. Grandma likes this little doll so much. It would be great if it were my great-granddaughter.” Grandma May said as she returned to touch Avah’s little feet.

Sonny: “Grandma, my little sister’s feet are so small.”

Grandma May said without looking at Sonny, “Do you think your hands and feet were so big when you were born? Didn’t you have small hands when you were two months old?”

Sonny: “Little feet.”

Avah let Grandma May and Sonny admire her adorableness. She kicked her hands when the old lady touched her little feet.

“Hey, these little feet are quite strong.”

Seeing the babysitter prepared the milk powder, Grandma May stood up, bent down again, then picked up Avah from the crib, sat down again, and said to the babysitter: “I’ll feed Avah.”

The nanny handed Avah’s bottle to Grandma May.

While feeding Avah, Grandma May asked Jane: “Is there not enough bre*st milk?”

Jane was feeding her son, and she replied: “The two babies are not enough. They need to be fed with milk powder to feed them.”

Her daughter, Avah, was fine; no matter what Jane fed her, she ate it.

Her son was not good. After eating bre*st milk, he was more and more reluctant to eat milk powder, but when he was extremely hungry, he could drink 30 ml of plain water.

However, the two children still mostly ate milk powder.

The old lady smiled and said: “That’s right. Those who have twins are basically fed with milk powder. Avah is so good. She drinks milk powder with great relish and can finish it soon.”

Enzo, who was in Jane’s arms, was extremely hungry, but after drinking half of the milk powder, he no longer enjoyed it.

Enzo was able to drink the milk powder, but it took him significantly longer than his sister Avah.

When Enzo was full, Serenity said to Jane: “Let me hug Enzo.”

Jane handed her son to Serenity and reminded her: “He just finished drinking milk powder, so be careful while holding her. Don’t let him spit up milk.”

Grandma May said to her granddaughter-in-law: “Serenity, after feeding the baby, you should hold it upright and burp it gently with your hollow palm, this will prevent the baby from spitting up.”

Serenity observed that Grandma was now holding Avah upright, so she did the same.

Jane smiled and said: “Serenity is learning more now, and when she has a baby, she will have experience and be able to take good care of the baby.”

“I don’t know when I will be able to have a baby. People said behind my back that I’m a hen that can’t lay eggs.” Serenity didn’t appear to be angry when she spoke these words; perhaps she was numb from having heard too much.

Jane said: “If someone ever says that about you again, slap them hard and watch to see if they will ever dare to say it again.”


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