Married at First Sight Chapter 1873 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1873 by desirenovel-It had been less than a year since Zachary and Serenity got their license. It was October, and it took only half a year to become a real couple. Those people said that Serenity would not have children, they were jealous of Serenity, and deliberately said those words to hurt Serenity.

Grandma May echoed Jane’s words: “That’s right, if you hear someone say that about you again, Serenity, you should slap in the face. You don’t have to be afraid of offending anyone. As long as you don’t do anything illegal, no matter who you offend, grandma will help you settle it. If Grandma can’t make it right, there is Zack, he can help you hold up when the sky falls.”

Serenity said: “I haven’t heard anyone say me, I know everyone told something bad about me behind my back, if I heard it with my own ears, I promise to slap them in the face. and they don’t need to worry about my affairs.”

“That’s right, those people are salty carrot, don’t worry about it. We elders don’t worry about it, they are the onion and the garlic.” The old lady firmly believed that she trusted the master’s words, and the master said that the eldest grandson and his wife were the fate of both children.

The master also said that sometimes there must be something in fate, and there was no time to force it.

Jane looked at Serenity who was holding her son, and said with a smile: “Maybe after a while, you will have good news.”

Jane hoped that Serenity would get pregnant soon, so she would slap those troublemakers in the face severely.

Serenity smiled and said: “I accept your words. When will the babies have a hundred-day banquet? Zachary and I have to arrange a time in advance. When the baby’s hundred-day banquet is held, we will come and stay for a few days. I like my godchildren so much.”

“It will be 100 days at the end of next month, so there is still a month left. You and Zachary will definitely come to the baby’s 100-day banquet.”

FC Manor had already started preparing for the hundred-day banquet for the two babies.

Jane sighed: “It feels like they are still in my womb. It will be almost a hundred days in a blink of an eye after this birth. Time flies so fast.”

Serenity smiled. Jane noticed that time flew by because of her good fortune. She married Ben and was spoiled by him. Both the nanny and the parents-in-law looked after the two babies. Jane, a mother, just huged her children to make fun of them when she missed them. She didn’t have to be concerned about playing.

If someone else had to take care of two children at once, it would be exhausting.

Back then, when she and her sister took care of Sonny, they were always in a hurry.

That sc*mbag Hank seldom helped. He always said that he didn’t know how to take care of children, and the newborn baby was so soft that Hank didn’t even dare to hug him, fearing that he might fall the baby.

During Liberty’s confinement period, Sonny always turned upside down day and night, sleeping like piglets during the day, and crying at night, tossing the two sisters quite terribly.

Serenity adored her sister; she always looked after Sonny and made her sister sleep more.

After Liberty confinement, instead of losing weight after giving birth, she gained weight instead. This was because her younger sister took good care of her.

On the contrary, Serenity lost ten catties in a month, and Jasmine often said that she could even shoot weight loss commercials.

Only those who had brought children knew how difficult it was to care for children.

The two children quickly fell asleep.

When the brother and sister were lying on the crib together, Grandma may’s eyes were still fixed on Avah.

The maid knocked on the door.

“Eldest young mistress york, Madam York, dinner is ready, please come downstairs for dinner.”

Grandma May and Serenity were indeed distinguished guests for the Johnson family.


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