Married at First Sight Chapter 1875 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1875 by desirenovel-The York family had no daughter for several generations, and the Johnson family knew it too.

Old Mrs. Johnson did have a daughter, but no granddaughter. Jane now had a great-granddaughter, which made up for her regret of not having a granddaughter. Mrs. Johnson was not particularly sympathetic to Old Mrs. York’s desire for a great-granddaughter.

Zachary and Serenity were about to marry for a year, and Serenity’s stomach hadn’t moved. Old Mrs. Johnson was wary of discussing children with Old Mrs. York, fearing that she would be looking forward to her great-grandson and putting pressure on Serenity.

Serenity’s situation was actually quite difficult. Fortunately, she married Zachary and didn’t give birth. Yorks had a good family style, and the elders were all enlightened. Zachary also didn’t dislike Serenity’s family background.

Jane’s family background was not poor back then, despite the fact that their Johnson family did not dislike her back then, and the Murphy family was a prosperous family.

Not to mention that Jane recognized her biological parents and became the eldest granddaughter of Meadspring Lafayette family in a sudden transformation, her status was very precious.

The head of the Lafayette family was the twin elder brother of Jane’s mother. After Jane’s father stepped down, he divided the private property between his children equally. Now Jane put aside her status as the youngest mistress of the Johnson family and counted on her personal assets. She was also a proper rich woman and She has Tens of billions of net worth.

Serenity couldn’t match this point.

Therefore, Old Mrs. Johnson felt that the family style of the York family was really good, and the elders were really open-minded. Old Mrs. York was even more eclectic in choosing her granddaughter-in-law, and only valued character.

“Don’t say that, old sister. Ben is also a very good kid, not inferior to Zack. Compared with Zack, I think Ben is better. Ben has a much better temper and Zack has a bad temper. That’s why Serenity can bear Zack, and if she is replaced by someone else, it is guaranteed that there will be a small quarrel for three days, and a big quarrel for five days.

Not to mention Ben, but Remy is also very good. I appreciate him very much. Unfortunately I don’t have a granddaughter, otherwise I’d marry Remy to my granddaughter.”

When Remy was mentioned, Old Mrs. Johnson said: “How are Remy and Elisa? I heard from daughter-in-law Alannah that Audrey has always disliked Remy far away, and was reluctant to let her daughter marry far away. Remy has been stationed in Wiltspoon for a long time, taking care of the business there, what is the difference between him and the people in Wiltspoon?

The daughter-in-law is so impatient that she wants to do it herself. Remy said that it is not suitable for him to meet his parents, and he will not let his parents interfere, saying that he can handle his affairs by himself.

Audrey’s stubbornness is a headache. But she doesn’t think that Remy is not good enough. She only has one daughter, Elisa, and she really doesn’t want her daughter to marry away.

Audrey Farrell(Fisher) was her boudoir. This surname is Farrell.”

Old Mrs. Johnson only knew Audrey’s surname was Stone, but she didn’t know Audrey’s boudoir name Farrell.

“It’s rare. I only know that there is a person named Farrell in Jensburg…”

The old Mrs. York suddenly stopped talking.

The surname Farrell was fairly rare. Audrey’s surname was Farrell, but Jensburg had a Farrell family. Women rule the power in that family, but the eldest daughter rules the power.

When old Mrs. York had her eyes on Hayden and wanted to consider Hayden as a granddaughter-in-law candidate, she had been active in Jensburg for a long time. In addition to secretly investigating Hayden’s character and ability, she also found out several major families in Jensburg.

The Farrell family was the most special existence, so she naturally went to find out.


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