Married at First Sight Chapter 1877 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1877 by desirenovel-Old Mrs. York stopped talking, and Old Mrs. Johnson quickly understood.

Old Mrs. Johnson’s face froze.

The Stone family had no relationship with the Johnson family. If Remy married Elisa, the Johnson and Stone families would become in-laws, and the Farrell family would become connected.

The Farrell family experienced a bloodbath decades ago. Although they were not in the same city, these big families would pay attention.

Old Mrs. Johnson thought that if Audrey was the daughter of the previous head of the Farrell family in Jensburg and if she wanted to avenge her family after knowing her life, the Johnson family would have to help.

The two old ladies sighed again when they looked at each other.

Old Mrs. York said: “If there is such a day, our York family will not be able to stand idly by.”

Audrey’s biological sister was Serenity’s biological mother.

If Audrey wanted to take revenge and regain the position of head of the Farrell family, the York family would definitely help, and Zachary would also be the main force in helping because he was venting his anger on behalf of his mother-in-law.

Neither Jane nor Serenity knew what the two old ladies in the room were talking about, but they could more or less guess that, for the elderly, when they got together, they were not talking about the past, or talking about their children and grandchildren. Jane took Sonny by the hand, and asked Serenity as they walked, “Has Sonny gone to kindergarten?”

Serenity: “Sonny doesn’t have so much time to play.”

Sonny had to practice martial arts. He spent two days on the weekend learning martial arts from his teacher.

During the two months of summer vacation, Sonny only had a vacation during this half month.

Jane said: “Sonny is very smart. Your siste taught him very well. He is about the same age as my adopted son, Titus. Titus followed his master to guard his master in the hospital. You and Grandma will stay here for a few more days and have a good time and play. When Titus comes back, Sonny will have a companion to play with. The two of them are about the same age, so they will definitely be able to play.”

In addition, Serenity learned that Jane and her husband had adopted a son. Dr. Carden observed the surrounding individuals and desired to take them on as apprentices due to their high aptitude. Titus was taken by the old genius doctor, who taught him knowledge after Dr. Carden became pregnant.

Serenity: “Then I’ll have the cheek to stay at your house for a few more days, as long as you don’t find us annoying.”

Jane said to her: “What are you talking about? You are willing to save face by staying at our home for a few more days. Even though we haven’t seen each other frequently, we are already friends.”

Serenity: “Did Titus go to kindergarten?”

Jane: “Yes, too, very naughty.”

Regarding her adopted son, Jane also had a lot of topics to talk about.

It could be seen that she really regarded her adopted son as her own and did not ignore him just because she had her own children.

“When will Dr. Carden be discharged from the hospital?” Serenity asked with concern, “I want to go to the hospital to see her and the baby later, is that okay?”

Jane smiled and said, “Of course you can, I will accompany you there later. Lilian had a normal delivery and she will be discharged soon. It was her husband, Tim, who asked her to stay in the hospital for a few more days. Tim heard that some people would bleed heavily after giving birth. He was worried and insisted that Lilian stay in the hospital for a few days.”

Serenity also laughed.

The men of Johnsons were also famous for doting on their wives.


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