Married at First Sight Chapter 2470 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2470-After Liberty said this, Serenity couldn’t persuade her anymore and said, “Well, let it be. No matter what decision you make, I stand by your side. I hope that you will be happy.”

Marrying Duncan could make Liberty happy. She agreed with both hands and feet. If Liberty felt that marrying Duncan would make her unhappy, then she wouldn’t marry.

Marrying well was very happy.

If she didn’t marry well, it’s really not as good as being single.

Everyone’s way of life is different.

Serenity said, “At my wedding with Zachary, I saw Matriarch Farrell. She didn’t leave immediately after she came to Wiltspoon. I thought she would come to see my aunt. It’s been half a month now, and there is no movement.”

Serenity had never met Matriarch Farrell before. Zachary told her about it at the wedding.

It was Serenity’s intention to invite Matriarch Farrell to come over for a wedding banquet. She wanted Audrey to meet Matriarch Farrell to confirm.

Even though Audrey and Kathryn had done a blood test.

Also, confirm again and again.

When it came to follow-up revenge, she had to identify the enemy.

Liberty said, “Maybe it’s a guilty conscience, or maybe she’s gone back a long time ago.”

Liberty was busy with Serenity’s wedding and didn’t pay attention to Matriarch Farrell’s affairs.

At her sister’s wedding, she didn’t even see Matriarch Farrell herself.

“I think she may be investigating my aunt and our grandma.” Serenity guessed, “It has been spread in Jensburg that the two daughters of the former head of the Farrell family are in Wiltspoon, and even Kathryn has been found. Auntie, with Matriarch Farrell’s shrewdness, how could she not know?

She hasn’t shown up; she must be investigating; she may also be observing Auntie in secret; and I looked like our dad, even if Matriarch Farrell is at the wedding banquet. If she saw me on the Internet, there would be no emotional ups and downs. If she saw you, she would have a reaction because you looked like our mom.”

Serenity took after her father’s side, while Liberty took after her mother’s side of appearance.

She heard from Audrey that their mother was more like their grandmother, while Audrey was like both father and mother, so there were two or three points of similarity between Audrey and Kathryn.

Liberty said, “In a few days, I will go to Jensburg to inspect the market there.”

Since Liberty had a plan, she would start to implement it.

Regardless of whether she took over the Farrell family in the future, she hoped that her All You Can Eat restaurant would be opened in major cities across the country.

Serenity said, “Sister, I really want to accompany you on a business trip to Jensburg to see how awesome the Farrell family is. “

Liberty said: “You should stay at home and raise your baby now, and don’t think about business trips, so as not to worry Zachary. He can’t control you, but I can.”

Serenity’s pretty face fell, “Zachary likes to accuse me the most. It’s ready.”


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