The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6192

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6192-Suddenly, following the flash of James’ powerful gray Sword Light, the black lute in Wylie’s hand shattered, causing her to panic.

Just as she was about to escape, she was engulfed by a huge formation.

James and Truett did not attack her.

Instead, she was attacked by an almost two-year-old baby.

The baby was ghost-like.

She rushed toward Wylie and broke the latter’s Genesis Divine Light.

Then, with a spin, she turned into a fiery red Sword Light and pierced through Wylie’s body.

“what a strong spiritual body,” Wylie exclaimed.

“But, it’s nothing amazing.” Then, Wylie’s body exuded an even more dazzling red light, and the wounds on her physical body were immediately healed.

However, before Wylie could fight back, she was trapped by the Quasar Lightning and Multicolored Flame in the formation.

Instantly, two violet – gold evil spirits suppressed Wylie from both sides.

Upon sensing the terrifying death aura, Wylie shouted in fear, “Sir Yancy, please save me.” Sadly, James had added the Soundproof Barrier in the formation.

Thus, her cry for help could not be heard.

While the two evil spirits attacked Wylie, Lesia, Lea, and Fennec also attacked her.

She was entirely restrained.

Right then, James appeared before Wylie and smirked.

“You just reached the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

Why are you so arrogant? You’re just a toy to us.” Upon hearing that, Wylie said in a hurry, “Please don’t kill me.

I can bring you endless happiness.

I can promise you…” “T don’t need that.” With a smile, James interrupted her.

“I don’t like women who doll up excessively and who don’t cherish themselves.” While speaking, he raised his hand.

Countless dark Curse Inscriptions engulfed Wylie.

Instantly, she cried out in fear.

At this moment, Yancy suddenly shouted, “Wylie, you’re at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

Why are you taking so long to deal with two living beings? Is your vigor affected after just one month of messing around…” Before he could finish his words, the formation in the void dispersed.

Wylie fell to the ground, clutching her head.

She rolled on the ground while crying.

It was obvious how much pain she was in.

“Is that Curse Magic?” Yancy frowned.

“Among the two living beings, is one of them the descendant of Franciscus?” While mumbling, he looked toward the void in shock.

He noticed that James and Truett, who dealt with Wylie, were unscathed.

“James, what are you doing? I haven’t had enough fun.

Why did you stop?” Truett complained.

“How else would you like to have fun?” James glanced at him.

“ Don’t forget that you have a wife.” Truett felt awkward as he laughed.

“Sir Yancy, it should be your turn now.” James looked down at Yancy.

“How arrogant.

Interesting.” Yancy snorted and said, “You guys aren’t worthy of fighting against me.” Then, he gathered his Genesis Power and shouted, “You two from the Sanctum Sect, your Sect Leader has been cursed.

Are you guys going to keep watching without doing anything?” Immediately after that, two shadows appeared at the back mountain of the Sanctum Sect.

They stepped on the void, accompanied by a terrifying gory wind.

Seeing the scene, James and Truett could not help but frown.

They watched as the shadows turned into a man and a woman.

They had appeared out of nowhere.

The man had a head full of white hair, but his skin was glowy.

He looked handsome.

On the other hand, the woman was stunning and enchanting.

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