The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6193

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6193-Looking at them, Truett suddenly snorted and said, “I didn’t expect the two evildoing Yin and Yang Demons to appear in the Genesis World and become the Grand Patriarchs of the Sanctum Sect.

How strange.” The man and woman were taken aback.

It seemed that they did not expect Truett to recognize them at first glance.

“The Two Demons of Yin and Yang?” James pursed his lips.

“Is their reputation worse than mine?” Truett burst out laughing.

“James, if you compare yourself to them, you’re insulting yourself.” “you two,” The female powerhouse suddenly shouted, “How dare you come and cause trouble in the Sanctum Sect? Are you tired of living?” The male powerhouse had a twisted smile as he said, “Since one can recognize us at first glance, they must be enemies.

Kill them!” Staring at them, James said, “You guys stole my status as the Demon Lord, of course I have to kill you!” As he spoke, he raised his hand and threw a punch.

A terrifying Amethyst-Gold Power headed toward the Two Demons of Yin and Yang.

At that moment, the Galeat Wind, Quasar Lightning, and Curse Inscriptions filled the sky.

The colorless flame with Genesis Power and gray Historial Power changed the color of heaven and earth.

Upon sensing how powerful and terrifying the power was, the Two Demons of Yin and Yang dared not face it directly.

Instead, they dodged simultaneously.

Boom! With aloud rumble, the Amethyst-Gold Power broke through the sky.

Instantly, the main hall of the Sanctum Sect collapsed, along with the mountain range behind it.

Witnessing such a terrifying might, Yancy’s expression changed.

“ He’s only at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation.

How can he control the Historial Power? Did he disguise his rank? He must be in the Quasi Daeclon Rank.” While he was still in shock, the Two Demons of Yin and Yang as well as James and Truett had already begun fighting in the void.

The Two Demons of Yin and Yang let out the gory wind along with countless black and white skeletons.

The wind gushed rapidly.

Wherever it passed would be filled with eerie cries.

It engulfed James and Truett.

On the other hand, Truett used the golden sword and the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell James lent him to resist the crazy attacks of the countless skeletons.

James entered the Third Marciais Combat Form.

Using his Ultimate Golden Body, he blocked the black and white skeletons and attacked Yang Demon.

The four of them fought in the sky, their shadows intertwining with one another.

The Genesis Powers, golden Sword Energies, Amethyst-Gold Power, and black and white skeletons complemented each other as they collided.

The aftermath of the battle was the destruction of all architecture, plants, and mountains around the Sanctum Sect.

The lower-ranked living beings of the Sanctum Sect were also affected.

There were countless casualties.

It was a ground-shaking and terrifying battle.

All kinds of power attacked without mercy and slaughtered many souls.

Under this catastrophe, the Sanctum Sect was shaken and fell into darkness.

“James, I can’t hold for any longer,” said Truett after having used several Sword Energies to attack the skeletons.

James raised his hand, and two violet-gold evil spirits appeared beside Truett.

They helped the latter resist the skeletons’ attacks.

What the Two Demons of Yin and Yang did not expect was that the two violetgold evil spirits were swallowing the skeletons.

They thought the evil spirits would attack and blast away the skeletons.

Now, however, the spirits were growing increasingly powerful with each skeleton swallowed.

“yin, his evil spirits are consuming our power.” The moment Yang Demon lost focus, he was hit by James.

The terrifying power caused Yang Demon to exude a stinky, metallic smell as countless wounds appeared on his physical body.

Seeing this, he flew away, screaming in fear.

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