The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7080

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7080-Quintus suddenly directed his gaze at another elderly man with red hair and asked, “What’s your take, Quentyn?”

Twirling his beard, the red-haired elder known as Quentyn pondered for a while.

Then, he asked, “Is the mortal’s Chosen One?” Xanthakos hastily clasped Quentyn’s hand and exclaimed, Quentyn, your insight is remarkable, this…”

Quentyn abruptly interrupted, saying gravely, “Are you incapable of dealing with him? If so, then this young man treads a dangerous path between darkness and righteousness.” Xanthakos narrowed his eyes and snorted disdainfully, “He’s a man driven by profit, ruthless, and cunning. Yet, he cares deeply for his wife. To gain control

over him, it’s necessary to gain control of his weakness.”

Quentyn inquired with keen interest, “And where is his weakness?”

Xanthakos met his gaze and replied, “I have her. However, it’s a card a plan to keep and play only in dire circumstances. While trying to eliminate him as a threat, my aim is still to win him over and use him. Even if I can’t sway him to join my cause, I don’t want to push him toward Lord Goyo.” Qyentyn looked at him meaningfully and said, “Then, reveal it.”

The declaration left everyone momentarily stunned.

Xanthakos surveyed the other divine beings before slowly waving his hand. All except the two red-haired elders withdrew, forming a mysterious golden light formation in the void outside the temple.

Then, he summoned forth a brilliantly glowing Path Cauldron with a flick of his wrist.

Quintus and Quentyn exchanged glances before ascending into the air, assuming cross-legged positions on either side of the suspended Path Cauldron. Extending their hands, they directed countless streams of ice and fire energy toward the Path Cauldron.

Instantly, the Path Cauldron, initially rotating slowly, began trembling vigorously under the influence of the ice and fire energy. In the blink of an eye, its previously perforated surface began to mend.

A ring of blue and red light manifested around the Path Cauldron, resembling a star’s protective halo.

With a soft exclamation from Quintus and Quentyn, additional streams of black and white energies surged forth to envelop the Path Cauldron. Soon, a second ring of black and white halo surrounded it.

Quinton took a deep breath and said, “It can be refined, but don’t disturb its interior. It’s where the emperor’s Primordial Spirit resides.”

Quentyn chuckled and responded, “Both of US became hidden emperors before Xanthakos even came close to US. Is there a need for such reminders?”

Quintus nodded, then cast his gaze downward to Xanthakos. “Brace yourself for any backlash, Emperor Qadeer. While our Abyssal Bind might surpass the Sigillare Formation, a misstep could inflict considerable harm upon your Primordial Spirit.”

Xanthakos smiled faintly, crossing his legs in midair and gesturing with one hand forthem to proceed.

The next moment, Quintus and Quentyn simultaneously exerted their strength toward the Path Cauldron, causing myriad colorful lights to envelop it layer by layer.

As the Path Cauldron rotated steadily within its cocoon of auras. Successive layers of dense barriers, with various restrictions and formations, formed and expanded outward.

“Seal!” “Seal!”

With two resounding shouts, the formations, restrictions, and barriers surrounding the Path Cauldron erupted into flames, fiercely consuming the Path Cauldron.

“Close!” Another command from Quentyn and the flames encasing the Path Cauldron sealed it completely. Quintus spread his hands, and the Path Cauldron flew into the body of Xanthakos.

Xanthakos’ eyes snapped open, and two formidable red beams shot forth. His face was full of excitement.


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