The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7081

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7081-“Thank you, my dear friends. With this, whatever he does in the Gate of Mystery will not affect US.”

Quintus and Quentyn exchanged glances. Then, they descended gracefully to the ground, emanating a resplendent purple-gold glow.

Quentyn suddenly requested, “We’d like to meet him, Xanthakos.”

Xanthakos was taken aback and hurriedly remarked, “I’m afraid that will not be ideal. The Yin governor isn’t just James’ weakness, but also mine.”

Quentyn and Quintus were struck with shock. “Have you taken her as your own?”

Xanthakos nearly fainted at their question.

“What kind of person do you think of me? I meant she’s the representative of the Wyrmscale Source and can act on behalf of the Divine Marius.

Quetyn and Quintus frowned, clearly aware of the significance of the Wyrmscale Secure.

Xanthakos took a deep breath and stated, “Should you really want to meet him, please don’t provoke him. I may be able to withstand James’ fury, but not his wife.”

Quentyn looked at Quintus and said smilingly, “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Yin governor, but we’re familiar with her temperament.”

Quintus chuckled and said, “That little brat! What a troublemaker!”

Xanthakos laughed, then turned to escort the two out of the temple.

Under Harper’s persistent requests, James cast the powers of his Zenthur Rank to aid her revival and the restoration of her Supernatural Powers.

Additionally, he bestowed upon her a unique weapon unlike any other-the Dragon Trident.

Observing her brandishing the newfound weapon, James could not suppress his laughter.

He found the sight of Sophie, a mesmerizing woman, wielding a massive trident to jab an opponent amusing to behold.

“What’s so funny?” Suddenly, James detected a fragrance approaching him. He raised his head and found Harper already in close proximity, staring at him intensely.

Momentarily stunned, James recoiled as if avoiding contamination. “Don’t be like this.”

Harper quired, “What did I do? Do you want a match with me? If you win, I’ll sleep with you. If you lose, you’ll let me sleep with you.” 1 James was speechless.

“Enough of your flirtations.” Lesia nudged Harper aside. Then, she addressed James, “Everything is already in order, Master. Shouldn’t we leave this place now?”

James remained silent, assuming a cross-legged position in the void.

Morgott inquired, “Do you not want to leave yet? Would you rather stay here forever?”

Yianni looked at James and said, it’s about time you leave. Once the soul contract ends, you can seize control of the Gate of Mystery. When the time comes…”

James interjected, “It’s you all that needs to leave. Even without gaining control over the Gate of Mystery, I serve as a check on Xanthakos by staying here.”

Upon hearing this proclamation, everyone was collectively taken aback.


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