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Chapter 1534

Soon after, Callum and Camryn arrived at the Newmans’ villa.

The villa was brightly lit, and several cars were parked in front as well as in the courtyard. There was even a van. People kept moving things from the van into the house.

Callum stopped the car and asked Camryn, “Are you moving? Or are you moving things back from somewhere else?”


Camryn had not gotten out of the car yet. The car door and windows were tightly shut, so she could not hear the movements in front of the villa. She was startled when she heard Callum’s questions.

Callum understood when he saw her reaction.

He said, “A few cars are parked in front of your house, and there’s also a van in the courtyard. People are moving things from the van into your house. They look like movers to me. Did you agree to let someone move into your house?”


Camryn unfastened her seat belt. She took her cane and pushed the door open to get out.

“If I’m not mistaken, my elder aunts are moving in.”

Apart from her little aunt who had a distant marriage, her two elder aunts did not move far after getting married.

Now that Camryn’s mom and stepdad were in prison, they wanted to snatch Newman Enterprise and this huge villa for themselves.

“I think they’re moving in to forcibly occupy your house and snatch your company away.”

Callum had looked into Camryn’s recent movements and knew two of her aunts were back to fight for the family’s assets.

Of course, the two women made it sound very nice, saying they wanted to help Trenton protect their family business.

On the contrary, Trenton trusted her sister more than his aunts.

He was not aware of all these yet.

Trenton only came home once a month. The day he came home, Camryn ordered the maids at home not to reveal anything so he would be under the impression that his parents had gone traveling with Carrie

When Trenton was still in elementary school, his parents sent him to boarding school as per Carrie’s advice He was often away from home and at school, so he was used to not seeing his parents when he came home during school breaks.

Trenton knew his parents loved him very much-especially his dad. After all, he was the only son. Nonetheless, Trenton felt sorry for Camryn and always favored her This caused him to offend Carrie His parents did not like him favoring Camryn, which was why they sent him to a boarding school.

“This villa was originally left for me by my dad They can’t take it away just because they want to They also can’t snatch the company away

Camryn was extremely cold when she said that

She did not need Callum’s support in a familiar environment and could move around freely.

Camryn went in. She did not ask the movers in the courtyard anything and went straight into the house.

“Ms. Camryn, you’re back.”

The butler was being ordered about by Camryn’s aunts.

Seeing that Camryn was back, the butler greeted her and wiped his sweat away before saying. “Ms. Camryn, your aunts said they were moving back in and had their things sent here Their rooms haven’t been arranged yet. What do you think?”

Camryn responded coldly. “Tell the bodyguards to throw their things out!”

The two rich women sitting on the sofa, who were not even looking at the young lady, snapped their heads around when they heard Camryn.

One of them shouted, “I’m moving back to my parents’ house. Who dares throw my things out? Camryn, this is my parents’ house. You don’t have a say here.”

Camryn sneered. “This house is no longer under Grandpa’s and Grandma’s names, so it’s not your home anymore. This house was left for me by my dad, so I do have a say. I don’t welcome here!

“Ivan, tell the bodyguards to throw their things out and kick them out! This is my place, and I call the shots!”

The butler looked at Callum and knew he had Ms. Camryn’s back. There was nothing to fear even if the sky was falling.

With that, the butler immediately asked all the bodyguards to come over and move all her aunts’ belongings outside.

Camryn’s aunts did not expect the bodyguards to really move their things. They were so mad they rushed over and wanted to teach Camryn a lesson. However, they saw Callum standing by her side like a protector and staring coldly at them.


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