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Chapter 1535

“Camryn, I dare you to throw our things out,” one of Camryn’s aunts said.

“Why would I not have the guts to do so? This is my home I don’t like you guys living here, and I won’t let you stay. What are you going to do about it?”

“This is our parents’ home!”

Camryn scoffed. “Your parents’ home is a house that is under Grandpa’s and Grandma’s names. This isn’t under their names, so it isn’t your parents’ home I might be your niece, but I’m not obliged to take you in, so I won’t let you stay!”

Her aunts were on her uncle’s side. They chose to lie to her about her father’s death and did not want to help her now Furthermore, they scolded her for being ungrateful and cursed her to suffer a miserable death.

Since they were unkind, she would not be virtuous.

“Even if your dad is alive, he can’t kick me out if I want to move back here You’re just a blind girl What right do you have to treat me like this? I’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of your dad”

Aunt Brenda was hot-tempered She could not be bothered to argue with Camryn and wanted to make a move.

How could Callum let Camryn’s aunts touch her?

Would that not mean they were slapping him in the face?

Callum easily grabbed Aunt Brenda’s wrist.

“Who are you? This is our family matter, so you should stay out of it!”

Aunt Brenda was struggling to be freed.

Callum shook off her hand and said in a deep voice. “I don’t want to mind other people’s family affairs, but Camryn is my fiancée. Her family affairs are mine, and I should care about them. How dare you try to hit my fiancée in front of me? Do you take me for a dead person?”


Camryn’s aunts looked at each other.

They never heard about Camryn’s engagement.

Their brother and his wife did not like her anyway, so they never bothered about her marriage.

Moreover, Camryn had been living like an invisible person in the family. One would not normally ask to marry her as she could not benefit them in any way.

Camryn’s aunts knew she did not even have a boyfriend.

A rich man would not marry Camryn, and a normal person would despise her for being blind. One would still need to take care of her if they were married, so who would want to marry her?

“Mr. York.”

Camryn wanted to deny that she was Callum’s fiancée.

Callum reached out and pressed her mouth to keep her from saying anything further

“Camryn, I’ve long regarded you as my wife Although you haven’t accepted my pursuit, I believe that you’ll accept me one day.”

‘Mr. York?

‘He’s from the Yorks?”

Camryn’s aunts exchanged looks.

They could not believe that Camryn was fancied by a York.

They only knew that Camryn was acquainted with Mrs. York and the lady was quite protective of her Therefore, their brother and his wife could only bow down.

“You’re from the Yorks?”

Callum answered coldly, “I’m the second among my brothers.”

“When did this blind girl become your fiancée, Mr. York? What do you see in her? She’s blind-blind! Do you know what that means? She can’t see anything at all, and yet you like her?!

“Mr. York, if you’re looking for a girlfriend, I’ll introduce my daughter to you. My daughter is younger and prettier than this blind girl. Most importantly, she’s healthy and has big watery eyes.”

Aunt Brenda was thick-faced and tried hard to sell her daughter.

Aunt Amy did not want to be outdone. She said, “My daughter has just turned twenty. Her face is full of collagen, and she’s young and beautiful. Her body is also healthy in all aspects, which is so much better than this blind girl.

“Mr. York, this blind girl isn’t good enough for you. You’re a York. Why should you give in and marry a blind girl?”


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