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Chapter 1536

What Camryn’s aunts said hurt her deeply.

She had low self-esteem, to begin with, and felt unworthy of Callum

After hearing their remarks, she felt more strongly about staying away from him.

She was blind!

She could not see anything.

Nonetheless, Callum warned the two women with a dark face, “I won’t do anything to you since you’re Camryn’s aunts! That said, shut your dirty mouths! I don’t need you to tell me if Camryn is good or bad-I just like her. Your daughters aren’t even worthy of being my servants!”

Once Camryn agreed to marry him, she would be the Yorks’ second missus. By then, her aunts’ daughters would not even be worthy of being her servants!

“Why are you still standing around? Throw the trash out and clean up now!”

Callum raised his voice.

The Newmans’ bodyguards were sharp. They chose to follow Camryn’s order.

No matter how the two aunts insulted and pushed them, along with the servants, they quickly moved all the things outside and left them at the villa’s entrance.

Camryn’s aunts refused to leave. They kept cursing and swearing.

Camryn said to her butler coldly, “Since my aunts don’t want to leave in their cars, take a knife outside to puncture their car tires. They don’t want to drive anyway, so they don’t need the tires.”


Camryn walked to the sofa and sat down.

She did not care about her aunts’ insults at all and did not want to argue with them anymore.

She would not let them move in here anyway.

Camryn could not see yet. If her aunts moved in now and moved out later on, she would not know if they took everything in her house away.

She knew what her aunts were plotting.

They just wanted to take advantage of the window of opportunity now.

After all the trouble, Camryn’s aunts finally left.

They left in anger

In fact, they left very quickly, afraid that their tires would be punctured if they took any longer

After leaving the villa, Camryn’s aunts said in unison, “Let’s go visit Mrs York tomorrow I don’t believe that the elders of the Yorks can accept their son liking a blind girl”

Aunt Brenda added. “No wonder Camryn became tough all of a sudden She dares hold the property to herself and fights us for the company’s ownership It turns out that she’s backed by the second son of the Yorks”

Camryn’s aunts did not know what she did to make Callum fall for her

He was the second young master of the Yorks!

Who would not want their daughters of marrying age to get together with men of the Yorks?

Camryn’s aunts dreamed of being in-laws with the Yorks.

Unfortunately, the men of the Yorks could not be easily pursued.

Their daughters could hardly even meet them, let alone pursue them.

Some time ago, the Yorks’ seventh son held a birthday party. The Yorks threw him a birthday party to celebrate his debut into the workforce.

So far, seven young men of the Yorks were known to the public. It seemed like many opportunities, but they were out of reach.

“Brenda, are you going to leave just like that?”

Brenda said, “We’ll go back first. Come and find me tomorrow, and we’ll go visit Mrs. York at Wildridge Manor tomorrow. The man earlier is the eldest son of Old Mrs. York’s second son. Mrs. York values her eldest son the most. She certainly won’t agree to her son liking a blind girl.”

As long as they ruined the relationship between Camryn and Callum, Camryn would not be backed by anyone, and everything belonging to the Newmans would belong to them.


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