Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1538 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1538

Callum accepted the glass of warm water and took an elegant sip.


Camryn faced him and spoke calmly, “I’m not your fiancée!”

“Not now, but you’ll be my fiancée and my wife in the future.”

Callum said bossily, “Camryn, I’ll marry nobody else but you after setting my mind on you. Whether you escape or accept this, I’ll only take you as my wife.

“I know I offended you last time. It was my mistake. It’s understandable that you’re angry at me, but I don’t regret it. I wanted to kiss you because I like you. I wanted to show everyone that you’re my woman.”

Camryn was angered by Callum’s bossy tone to the extent she did not want to talk anymore.

“Camryn, don’t avoid me anymore.”

Callum scooted over and took her bag.

“What are you doing, Callum?”

Camryn wanted to snatch her bag back. Callum held her down with one hand and raised her bag high with the other. She could not take her bag back because she could not see.

“Don’t worry. I just want your phone number.”

Callum stood and opened her bag. He took her phone from inside and dialed his number. That way, her would get her new phone number.

“If you change numbers again, I’ll move to your store and live there. Let’s see how you can avoid me then.”

After realizing that threatening was useful, Callum started being thick-skinned. He turned brazen and

used all sorts of threats.

It made Camryn have the urge to chase him out.

“I’ll arrange for two bodyguards to follow you tomorrow. I’ll protect my fiancée.”

Callum said, “The York family’s bodyguards are skilled in fighting. I’ll feel at ease having them with you.”

He would know her whereabouts at any time too.

“I don’t need your protection.”

“Stop being stubborn, Cam. I’m aware I don’t know you well enough yet. You’re hiding many things deeply. but you’re blind. You’re weak because of that.”

After getting Camryn’s new phone number, Callum placed her phone back inside her bag.

He sat beside her again and fixed his dark eyes on her cute face.

Seeing her stubborn expression, he poked her red lips with his finger dotingly It made her cover her mouth out of reflex and surprise

“Although I want to taste your sweetness again, it’ll only anger you again I’ll hold myself back for now

When the time I can do as I wish comes, I’ll take my share with interest included.

“I’ll let you kiss me back if you’re still angry. Cam. How does that sound?”

Camryn was speechless.

“Callum, didn’t you hear what my aunts said? I’m blind. I’m not good enough for you, so stop wasting your time on me. You can marry a girl who’s a hundred or thousand times better than me as your wife”

“What did your aunts say? I didn’t manage to listen clearly, and I won’t. I’m the one who decides whether you’re good enough for me or not. If I say you deserve me, then you do.”

Callum poked her forehead with his finger again bossily and dotingly. “Stop overthinking. Cam. I’ve never disliked you. You don’t have to care about what others say too. It’s enough as long as I don’t dislike you.”


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