Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1540 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1540

Therefore, Josh pretended to be drunk.


With nobody pranking them, they could enjoy their wedding night thoroughly.

Josh walked over. He sat at the edge of the bed and embraced Jasmine. His gaze was fiery

“Dear, every minute of the wedding night is precious. Let’s not waste our time.”

As Josh spoke, he swooped in for a kiss but was pushed away by Jasmine.

“I haven’t removed my makeup or changed my clothes. I still have to shower. You should too.”

Jasmine stood up and walked to the dressing table. She removed the pieces of jewelry she wore one by one.

“Bejeweled” was the perfect word to describe her that day.

The number of jewelry Josh sent her was enough to start a jewelry store. Her family had prepared lots of jewelry for her too. When she showed herself, her neck and hands were adorned with jewelry. The splendor of it was blinding.

At that moment, Jasmine felt like she was a mobile jewelry store.

“Dear, you look really beautiful today.”

Josh approached her and complimented his newly wedded wife.

“When was I not?”

Josh chuckled. “You’re right. My wife is always gorgeous.”

While helping Jasmine to take off the jewelry on her, he smiled and asked, “Dear, you must be tired, right?”

“I’m tired, but it’s a happy exhaustion. I wouldn’t even know I could dress up that grandly if I didn’t get married once.”

“I’m so lucky to have married a wealthy wife. I can work five years less and just rest. I’ll ignore Zachary when he asks me to work extra hours in the future. I have a rich wife taking care of me anyway.”

Jasmine burst out laughing.

“Stop teasing me, Josh. You were the one who gave me all my riches.”

Josh took the chance and hugged her from behind.

“Dear, I’ve given you all I have. I’ll also hand over the money I earn at York Corporation to you in the future. You must love me for the rest of your life.”

“If you love me forever, I’ll do the same.”

A marriage had to be maintained by both parties‘ efforts.

Jasmine would not invest her efforts one–sidedly.

If Josh loved and respected her, she would return the same feelings.

Jasmine turned and encircled his neck with both arms. Then, she gave him her lips.

After a deep kiss, Jasmine said softly, “Josh, go get a shower first.”

“Are you still calling me Josh?”


Josh immediately looked relieved and said, “Dear, you have to call me hubby more. Hearing you call me like that makes my bones go soft.”

Jasmine pecked his cheek again: “Okay, okay. I’ll call you hubby and make your bones go limp every day.

“Didn’t you say each second of the wedding night is precious? We can’t waste time. Aren’t you going to bathe?”

Josh lifted Jasmine.

“Dear, let’s bathe together. If we do that, we won’t have to wait for each other.”

Jasmine felt embarrassed.

However, it was their blissful day, and that night was their first night as husband and wife. There was no need to be embarrassed.

Therefore, Jasmine hugged Josh’s neck tightly and said readily, “Okay. Let’s take a bath together to save time.”

Josh carried his wife into the bathroom happily.

It was a night filled with much affection. Josh, who had successfully gotten his beautiful wife, started his wedding night blissfully.


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