Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1541 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1541

The sun rose.

It was a new day.

When Serenity woke up, she realized her sister was already awake.

After Liberty was discharged, Serenity insisted that Liberty move into her and Zachary’s house to keep an eye on her while she was recuperating.

Considering that she had to recuperate and take care of a three–year–old, Liberty agreed to her sister’s request.

The mother and son moved into Zachary’s villa on the hilltop temporarily

Liberty brought her son to take a walk in the garden.

During that season, Wiltspoon was starting to get hot. Many people could not resist turning on the air conditioner when the sun was up and blazing during the day.

However, it was still cooling in the morning.

Mornings in the villa were quiet. Liberty liked taking a walk in the garden in the mornings. She could exercise and admire the flowers at the same time.

Zachary was not a fan of flowers and plants. In the past, they simply existed to beautify the villa. However, the villa ended up being decorated into a garden.

It was because Serenity liked growing flowers.

Zachary moved over a wide variety of pretty flowering plants from the greenhouse of the manor. He planted them in the villa on the hilltop for his beloved wife to enjoy them every day.

That day was Sonny’s day off. He did not need to go to the gym.

He was elated.

Although he had been going to the lessons for some time and gotten used to it, he still wanted to rest and cling to his mother occasionally.


Sonny stopped in front of a pot of flowers. He turned and asked his mother, “Mom, can I pluck this flower?”

“Why do you want to pluck it?”

Liberty did not reject her son immediately. Instead, she asked him the reason for wanting to do so.

Sonny’s big eyes gleamed. He said, “I want to pluck the flower because I think it’s pretty.”

“What will you do after that?”

Sonny did not know what to reply.

Liberty squatted “You want to pluck the flower and play with it just because you think it’s pretty, right?”

Sonny nodded

He had the urge to pluck the flower because it was blooming beautifully.

“If you think this flower is pretty, other people will feel the same too. If everyone plucks the flower

because they think it’s beautiful like you, there’ll soon be no more flowers for everyone to admire.

“Do you like seeing an empty flower pot or plenty of flowers blooming on the stems?“

Sonny knew that his thought of wanting to pluck the flowers was wrong. His eyes still shone, but the expression on his innocent face showed he was aware of his mistake.

“Mom, I won’t pluck flowers anymore. I’ll leave the flowers blooming on their own so everyone can enjoy them.”

Liberty caressed her son’s face. She praised him gently, “You’re a good boy. Whether you’re in Aunt Ser’s place or playing outside, remember not to pluck flowers, okay?”

Sonny nodded his head sensibly.


Serenity heard her sister educating her nephew about a minor matter and walked over.

“Aunt Ser.”

Sonny jogged toward Serenity with a smile.

Serenity lifted him.

“If you like flowers, how about I pluck one for you?”

Sonny shook his head. “Don’t pluck the flowers, Aunt Ser. That way, we can see blooming flowers every day.”

Serenity said to her sister with a smile, “Sonny understands everything right after he’s taught.”

“Children have to be educated from a young age. Humans are fundamentally good in nature upon birth. Everyone is like a sheet of blank paper at the start. It depends on how we, as parents, fill the paper up. Parents are the first teachers of children. Our words and actions will influence our children forever. “Why are you up so early and not sleeping in? The bookstore isn’t open today, right?”


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