Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1545 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1545

Duncan stood still. He silently watched as Liberty walked past him.

He only left after some time.

He had preempted what would happen after he confessed to Liberty.

He was also mentally prepared to wait several years for Liberty to develop feelings for him.

Upon entering the house, Duncan received a concerned gaze from his friend.

Zachary did not ask any questions as Duncan seemed alright. He just called him over to have breakfast together.

He patted Duncan’s shoulder and whispered, “It’s okay. Take it slow.”

Duncan smiled and said, “I’m not in a rush. I have a lifetime to spend on her.”

He would not give up as long as Liberty did not get married to someone else. “Sonny is an important piece,” Zachary whispered.

Duncan hummed in agreement. “I know. I like Sonny from the bottom of my heart.”

He had liked Sonny even before he fell in love with Liberty, let alone now

“Let’s go and have breakfast.”

Zachary invited his friend to eat together.

Serenity and Liberty had already brought Sonny to the dining area.

Duncan did not restrain himself whenever he was at Zachary’s place. It was as if he was returning to his own home.

It was the weekends followed by the holidays.

After breakfast, Zachary planned to bring his wife back to the manor to accompany Grandma May.

Liberty and Sonny tagged along too.

“I’m free anyway I haven’t seen Grandma May for some time. I miss her a lot. I’ll go with you all, Zachary ” Actually, Duncan had seen Grandma May just yesterday.

She was even laughing excitedly during Josh and Jasmine’s wedding.

Although Josh was not her grandson, he was good friends with Zachary The Buchams and Yorks were also close, so she treated Josh as her own grandson.

Grandma May was happy that Josh had found his happiness.

As Zachary lifted Sonny into the car, he told Duncan, “Your legs are yours–I can’t possibly stop you if you want to go.”

Duncan looked toward Liberty. He hoped she would take his car

However, Liberty did not notice that She sat in the same car as her son.

Zachary and Serenity shared a car

Duncan could squeeze into Liberty’s car but gave up after thinking about it.

He could still see Liberty and Sonny if he followed them to Wilridge Manor.

Not long after, several cars exited the villa and headed toward the manor.

Meanwhile, in the Newmans‘ house, Camryn did not expect Callum would actually come over early in the morning to give her a ride to work.

She was about to head out in her family’s car, but Callum’s car was parked horizontally in front of the villa’s gates.

No matter how many times the driver honked, he would not budge.

“Ms. Newman, Mr. York refuses to move his car. We won’t be able to go out.”

The driver gave up on honking. He turned his head to talk to Camryn.

Callum got out of his car.

He leaned against his car with hands in his pockets. He stared at Camryn’s car. He was waiting for Camryn to admit defeat.


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