Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1546 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1546

Camryn scolded Callum a hundred times over mentally.

In the end, she got out of her car

Callum moved the moment she came out.

He walked over and took her white cane gently. He guided her over to his car

T’ll be the one to send you every day from now on.

“Oh, by the way…”

Callum gestured for two bodyguards to come over

They were bodyguards he mobilized from the manor He usually did not bring bodyguards along when he went out. He was not as popular as Zachary, and he did not need bodyguards blocking off fangirls for him. When the bodyguards approached them, Callum said, “This is Ms. Newman, your future Mrs. York You. two will be guarding her from here on out. You’re not supposed to supervise but protect her. If there are problems that you can’t handle, contact me.”

Those words were meant for Camryn.

In fact, he arranged for two bodyguards to follow her to protect her and know her location whenever he wanted to meet her

Callum had tasted the pain of yearning for someone after being avoided by Camryn for more than half a month.

He did not want to experience it again.

“Camryn, their names are James and Adam.”

After speaking, Callum told the bodyguards, “Introduce yourselves. Let Ms. Newman remember your voices.”

James greeted Camryn first, followed by Adam.

Camryn had a good memory. She could remember them as long as the bodyguards spoke in front of her

“Callum, I don’t need them following me.”

Camryn knew her objection was useless, but she still voiced it out.

“I think you need them very much.”

Callum helped her get inside the car and even fastened her seatbelt.

He walked around the car back to the driver’s seat.

“You can only walk around freely at places you’re familiar with. It’s easy to get into accidents when you go to foreign places. Even if you’re smart, you can’t see anything for now–this is your greatest disadvantage People will take advantage of your weakness and harm you.

“You still remember what happened that night, right? If it weren’t for my sister–in–law insisting I send you home that night and if I didn’t follow you, I’m sure you would know the consequences without me telling you.”

After a moment of silence, Camryn said, “They were trying to harm me.”

“They’re in jail waiting to be sentenced now, but can you guarantee that no one will target you again? Your aunts are hoping that you get into an accident.”

If Camryn got into an accident, no one would fight for the inheritance with them.

Camryn did not say a word.

“I promise that they’ll only protect and not monitor you. They’re like my sister–in–law’s bodyguards who’re only in charge of her safety”

Camryn pressed her lips together and kept quiet.

No matter how good he made his words sound, it could not erase the fact that he was getting someone to keep an eye on her

“Callum, what do I have to do to make you give up?”

Callum said while driving, “I won’t give up no matter what you do. From the day my nana passed your picture to me, you were to be my wife.”

“Does the high and mighty Mr. Callum feel satisfied with letting the elders control your marriage?”

Callum smiled and said, “Camryn, you don’t have to drive a wedge between my nana and me or provoke me I didn’t have anyone I liked before you. Nana chose you for me. After interacting with you, I feel we get along well. That was why I approved of Nana’s arrangement.

Camryn was speechless.

She still could not understand why Old Mrs. York would choose her

She was blind.

Although there were chances that she could regain her sight, the time had not come yet. She was currently still blind.

Even her biological aunts hated her and said she was blind.

She was not good enough for Callum

Grandma May was Callum’s grandmother by blood. She was famous for loving her grandchildren How could she choose a blind person to be Callum’s wife?


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