Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 757 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 757

Zachary did not stay in Annenburg for long after leaving FC Manor. He flew back to Wiltspoon on the same day. He did not inform Serenity of his flight to surprise her with his return.

While on the road, Zachary deliberated about Ben’s advice.

Ben suggested that he come clean to Serenity about everything.

Elisa’s feelings should not be in his consideration.

It was Elisa’s business that she loved Zachary. It was not as if Zachary flirted with her.

God knew how long before Zachary could let Serenity know about his identity if he waited until Elisa let go of her feelings as Clive mentioned.

Besides, Elisa meant nothing to Zachary.

Why should he listen to Clive?

It was only a matter of time before Serenity and Elisa’s possible fallout. There was no avoiding it.

Zachary should pick a special day when Serenity was happy, to be honest about who he was…

“Jim,” Zachary called out solemnly.

“Sir,” Jim respectfully responded, on standby for Mr. Zachary’s instructions.

“What days are special?”

Jim was confused.

What days were special?

How special was Mr. Zachary talking about?

He gave it a thought before asking to clarify, “Special in what way, Sir?”

“Um… What days are special to lovers? Something that’s easy to remember and makes someone happy.”

From there, Jim knew Mr. Zachary was talking about the missus.

He replied, “Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day are occasions lovers tend to celebrate.”

Jim then added, “Sir, I don’t have a girlfriend or any experience in this, so I don’t know if I got it right.”

Zachary glanced at him. “What? Are you trying to get my help in finding a girlfriend?”

Jim immediately uttered, “Not at all, Sir.”

It was not as though Mr. Zachary could find him a girlfriend if he asked.

Old Mrs. York was the one who helped Mr. Zachary ditch the single life.

“Wedding anniversary…”

Zachary murmured. When did he and Serenity get the marriage license again?

He did not seem to recall now.

Uh, oh. Zachary could not even remember their wedding anniversary. He should pull out the marriage license from the safe to check the date when he got back. He intended to engrave the date in his mind so he would never forget it again.

That was the day he and Serenity got married.

Zachary had no idea when Serenity’s birthday was either.

Uh, oh.

He talked about loving Serenity, but he did not even know the day Serenity was born.

Zachary caught a glimpse of her birthdate when they were applying for the marriage license. However, he did not think it was important to remember.

Still, he believed he saved her birthdate somewhere in his phone.

Zachary immediately checked his phone for Serenity’s birthday and found it, but it was in September.

It was too long of a wait to be truthful about everything.

Although he could not remember when he got married, Zachary knew it was somewhere in October.

So, the wedding anniversary was an even longer wait.

Should he try… Valentine’s Day then?

Valentine’s Day was nearing.

“Sir, your wedding anniversary is on the 10th of October.”


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