Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 763 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 763

Hank carried on saying, “The house is also yours since your name will be added to the title deed. We can enjoy a nicely renovated house instead of paying for your brothers‘ home renovation for your sisters–in–law to enjoy.”

Although Jessica was in on Hank’s idea, she said, “Are you expecting my parents to come down from their request of 777,777 dollars and settle with over a hundred thousand dollars? Hank, are you trying to haggle on a gift? You said you would give me the world and only want me to enjoy the best of life.

“You said you’ll give me a grand wedding, but all you’re going to offer is over a hundred thousand dollars? Is this the grand wedding you’re talking about?”

Hank refuted, “The going rate for bride price in Wiltspoon is tens of thousands. Most people would settle for a few thousand dollars. It’s not about the money here in Wiltspoon. Families here only want their daughters to have a good and lasting marriage.”

Liberty also came from a small town. The Hunts demanded a lump sum of three hundred thousand dollars in family support when Liberty married Hank. However, Liberty stopped him from giving away the money, saying that these people did not deserve to ask for the gift.

Yet, the Yateses demanded over double the amount. They were trying to sell their daughter.

“Someone in our town got hundreds of thousands in cash from the groom without asking. The family even got a house and a luxury sedan worth over a million dollars.” Perhaps that family’s daughter got the wedding of her dreams, so Jessica’s parents believed the Browns were doing well and wanted more since Hank earned a lot, had a house in the city, and his parents were supported by the state pension.

Jessica’s family would be the talk of the town if Jessica married well.

Hank said, “That girl must have married a rich heir. I’m not a rich heir. You can find yourself a boy with daddy’s money if you’re jealous.”

Prying Jessica’s grip over his arm, Hank pushed the shopping cart and walked ahead. “Hank! Hank Brown!”

Jessica was left standing there, shouting his name.

Turning a deaf ear, Hank continued pushing the cart. He stopped looking around and went to check out.

“Take one more step and it’s over between us, Hank!”

Without a care that they were in public, Jessica shouted and threatened Hank.

Many heard her screams.

Even Liberty and Serenity who were picking out snacks at the snack aisle picked up on the commotion.

Serenity said to her sister, “It’s a trait common to men. They seek after and cherish unattainable women, but once they get the women, they no longer hold the women dear. Jessica and Hank are getting along now, but once they tie the knot, I can guarantee it’s going to be a rocky marriage.

“But I hope they can get married. The Browns need a daughter–in–law like Jessica to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Liberty picked a few snacks for her son before giving her two cents. “Not all men are like that. Seren, don’t be put off by my failed marriage. Well, don’t let

affect your marriage with Zachary. Zachary’s a lot better than Hank. I can’t be more pleased with him.”

Serenity uttered with a smile, “Alright, alright. I won’t tar him with the same brush. Your brother–in–law is a good man. Oh, wait. He’s the perfect man. Happy now?”

She moaned in her mind that her sister had not seen how petty Zachary could get.

Serenity would have forgotten that Zachary had been away on business for three days if he was not mentioned. He did not call or text her at all, probably because he was too busy. In fact, she did not give him a call either. While her man was away, Serenity had been having a blast like a free bird and forgot all about Zachary.

She should send a text message to ask the petty guy when he was coming back when she got home later. Why was he still traveling for work when Christmas and New Year were around the corner?

Serenity ranted about the CEO of York Corporation in her mind, labeling the man as insensitive. The company was about to close for Christmas and New Year, but Zachary still had to go away on business. What if Zachary was unable to finish the job before the festive holidays? Did that mean he could not take a vacation?


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