Married at First Sight Chapter 1881 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1881 by desirenovel-Zachary picked up Titus.

Sonny also ran over.

“Uncle.” Zachary smiled and hugged Sonny again.

Serenity got up from the bench, looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Zachary approaching her while toting a child in his arms.

Why was he here?

Zachary also knew that Serenity was in FC Manor.

Zachary walked over with the two children in his arms, then bent down, put the two children on the ground, and said to them: “Go and play.”

Sonny pulled Titus and said, “Titus, let’s go play.”

Titus was also monkey-shaped, and he likeed to play the most.

There were now a few kids living in FC Manor, but besides Titus, the rest were still infants who could only cry and couldn’t walk or talk.

It’s rare that Sonny came, Titus and Sonny played like crazy.

Serenity and her husband looked at each other for a moment, and asked him: “How do you know we’re here?”

Zachary stretched out his hand and pinched her face lightly, saying to her, “You didn’t tell me when you went out, I wanted to accompany you well, but you were fine, and went out with grandma without even saying hello. When you called me, I heard the cry of the child, and guessed that you came to FC Manor to see Son and daughter.”

Zachary originally thought not to make this trip.

It was really boring, he was used to the days when his wife was with him, and it only took a day or two for Serenity to go away. He felt that the husband and wife had been separated for a few years, so he came to FC Manor with a private plane.

Serenity: “…I was betrayed by the crying of my godson.”

It was Enzo who was crying at that time, and she was worried that Zachary would hang up the phone in a hurry when he heard it, but Zachary still came.

Serenity: “Did you just arrive?”

“Well, I was allowed to come to you after seeing Grandpa Johnson and Grandma Johnson.”

Zachary saw the two children having fun nearby, so he didn’t pay attention to them, so he seized the opportunity and went to see Serenity. He took Serenity into his arms, hugged him fiercely, and then let go.

“Serenity, I won’t complain about you ignoring me in the future. In the past two days, I’ve not played around with you. I want to play with you. After playing for a few days, we’ll go back. Sonny should calm down and get ready for school.”

Before Serenity could speak, Zachary said again: “Grandma is getting old, even if I have you by my side, I don’t feel worried about letting Grandma run around.”

Serenity said, “Grandma and Grandma Johnson don’t seem to chat well. I will stay with grandma in FC Manor for a few more days, and I will go back on the 27th, there will be 31 days in this month, and there will still be a few days for Sonny to calm down after I go back.”

Zachary: ….

Thinking that, while Serenity and Jane could be considered friends, they hadn’t been together long enough, and their friendship was always frail. Serenity’s friendship with Jane could be strengthened if she stayed at FC Manor for a few more days, he nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll come and pick you up on the 27th.”

It was already the 22nd.

Just a few days.

“Give me your new mobile phone number.” Zachary domineeringly asked for his wife’s new mobile phone number.

Serenity obediently told him the new mobile phone number.

After saving his wife’s new mobile phone number, Zachary took her to sit down and watched the children play and watch the sunset with her.

Zachary: “Like Sonny and Titus’s current age, they are carefree, which is the most enviable.”

Serenity: “A child’s childhood should be carefree.”

Zachary held her hand, said: “We will be our children.”


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