Married at First Sight Chapter 1882 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1882 by desirenovel-Every time Serenity saw children playing, she thought that they didn’t have babies yet.

Serenity rested her head on his shoulder and let out a “hmm”.

The two children were tired from playing and ran over.

Titus ran too fast, stepped on a small stone and fell backwards.

Sonny quickly helped him up.

Zachary and Serenity also stood up abruptly, and walked forward quickly, Sonny was still young and couldn’t pull the chubby Titus, so it was Serenity who picked up the little guy.

Titus wanted to cry, his mouth was flattened, and Serenity picked him up. Serenity asked him gently and concerned if he hurt from the fall, and where it hurt.

Such a gentle Aunt Seren, just like Jane Mama, gave him a kind of mother’s taste. Tears rolled in Titus’s eyes, and he shook his head and said that there was no pain from the fall.

Serenity patted the dust off his clothes, saw tears in his eyes, took out a tissue, gently wiped his tears, and said distressedly: “Did you fall on your back? Or your head?”

Titus fell backwards.

Serenity pressed him against her thigh so that she could check Titus’s back. When she pushed up Titus’s clothes and saw the incomprehensible patterns on Titus’s back, she froze.

Zachary was also stunned.

After all, he was the head of the York Corporation, so he reacted quickly and steadily. He quickly scanned Titus’s back to ensure that it was not injured, and then ripped Titus’s clothes off to examine the patterns on his back.

Sonny: “Uncle, behind Titus…”

“It’s nothing, Sonny, don’t say anything, you know.” Zachary asked Sonny seriously for the first time.

Seeing his uncle’s seriousness, Sonny nodded half-understanding, “Uncle, I won’t say anything.”

Serenity wanted to ask a few questions, but seeing Zachary’s serious request to Sonny not to say anything, she didn’t ask anymore.

She helped Titus check the back of his head, and there was no injury, presumably the little guy was in pain when he fell.

Serenity hugged Titus up and sat him up, and asked him softly: “Titus, where does it hurt, you have to tell Aunt Seren.”

“Aunt Seren, the pain is gone.” Titus nestled in Serenity’s arms, held Serenity’s clothes with his hands, and said in a childlike voice, “Aunt Seren, I like you holding me like a mother. My favorite thing is that I admire my mother. Now I also like Aunt Seren.”

Aunt Seren also smelled like a mother.

Titus was only one year old when Jane picked him up, he couldn’t walk well, and could only call Mama.

He was still less than three years old now, but he was still a child after being trained to be a doctor by the side of the old genius doctor.

He liked people who smelled like mother.

The little guy asked his master, Jane Mama was his mother, why did he call Jane Mama instead of Mom? Everyone had a mom, where was his real mom?

Titus was very smart, otherwise Lilian would not have taken a fancy to him and accepted him as his apprentice, and wanted to pass on all his abilities to Titus.

He knew that he was different from his younger siblings after the adults taught him to change his mothers name to Jane as Jane mama.

The master was also honest and told him directly that Jane mama was not his real mother.

He even told him that they didn’t know who his biological mother was, and that his life experience required him to find out by himself when he grew up.

Serenity’s heart melted.

She always liked children.

Sonny was brought up by her.

Serenity smiled and said, “Aunt Seren also likes Titus very much.”


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