Married at First Sight Chapter 1886 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1886 by desirenovel-What did he do when he ran to Queen’s old mansion.

Thinking that her parents liked Kevin very much, Hayden couldn’t stay in bed anymore, afraid that she wouldn’t go home, Kevin was slick, and sold her if she made her parents happy.

Hayden knew that her parents were worried about her marriage.

She had been disguised as a man for more than 20 years, and she had long been used to the life of a man. But it was impossible for her to marry a woman. Because she was a woman.

She married a woman and could not give her a real married life.

But let her marry, she was unwilling, she was not used to being a woman, she had not even worn a skirt in her life.

And she didn’t meet a man who could make her heart move and let her take off her disguise.

Her parents also think she was too good, and few men were worthy of her.

Even though she was worried about her marriage.

If Kevin didn’t show up, Hayden wouldn’t worry at all, she could live like this for the rest of her life.

Kevin was the York family’s third young master. Hayden was outstanding in every way. In fact, she admired Kevin’s talent as well. The York family had a good family style.

“Didn’t I think Mr. Queen would go back to the old mansion to accompany his parents on weekends? So I came here directly. Mr. Queen, Auntie told you to come over to have breakfast together. Come early, we will wait for you.” Kevin took the initiative to hang up the phone after he finished speaking.

Hayden’s face was a little ugly. Kevin regarded her home as his home.

Although she didn’t want to wake up, she got up as fast as she could, because she needed a little time to dress up so that she looked no different from a real man.

half an hour later.

Surrounded by the bodyguards, Hayden left the big villa where she usually lived and went to the old house of Queen’s family.

When she returned to Queen’s old mansion, she heard her parents’ laughter before entering the house.

There was no need to ask, she also knew that it was Kevin’s credit, this man was too good at coaxing people.

It’s only a few encounters with her parents, but they could coax her parents to keep him for dinner, what’s more, let her send Kevin back to the hotel.

Mrs. Queen: “Kevin, Hayden is usually too preoccupied with work to go out and play or relax. If you have time in the future, invite him out to play more. Everyone, relax, don’t tense your muscles all day, just pay attention that you’re so busy that we feel bad.”

Hayden heard that her mother actually asked Kevin to take her out to play when she was free.

Mr. Queen also said: “Our eldest son is, indeed, a workaholic. He is not close to anyone. On weekends, he usually sleeps at home and does not play any games. I understand she is overworked, too tired, but when we look at him, we get worried. I hope he can go out on a regular basis, and I hope he has a close friend.

When others approach Hayden, he will suspect that they have a plan and are plotting against him. There is no way, our Queen Enterprise is too eye-catching in Jensburg. We don’t have to worry if it’s you, Kevin; if you’re friends with Hayden, I’m sure you’ll be sincere.”

Hayden strode in.

If she didn’t go in again, her parents would really sell her.

Seeing Hayden coming in, Donald and his wife tactfully did not continue.

“Mr. Queen.” When Hayden approached, Kevin got up and greeted with a smile.

Hayden looked at him deeply for a moment, then hummed coldly, and then called his parents.

“Hayden, Kevin has been waiting for you for an hour.” Mrs. Queen moved her seat and let her daughter sit beside her.

Mrs. Queen: “I told Kevin just now that I will call Kevin over on weekends in the future. You go out to play, and he will take you with him, so you won’t be bored.”


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