Married at First Sight Chapter 1887 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1887 by desirenovel-Hayden’s face darkened, quite helplessly said: “Mom, I only rest on the weekends because I prefer to sleep and wake up naturally, and because taking a day off to play is more exhausting than going to work. Besides, Mr. York is also busy, how can I bother him all the time?”

Donald took the words: “Can’t Kevin take you out to play? It should be you who brought Kevin. This is Jensburg, isn’t you more familiar than Kevin?”

Hayden sullenly said nothing.

Kevin smiled and said: “When necessary, I have to ask Mr. Queen to be my tour guide.”

Mrs. Queen: “Kevin, where do you want to go, just tell Hayden. He is a native of Jensburg, and he knows exactly where the fun and delicious food are in Jensburg.”

Kevin: “Auntie, if you say that, I won’t be polite in the future.”

Mrs. Queen smiled: “You’re welcome, Auntie likes you the most.”

Neither of her two children’s mouths were as eloquent as Kevin’s. Kevin could talk about anything, and the topics she liked to talk about.

She liked Kevin so much.

Hayden: “Mom!”

The parents’ attitude towards Kevin gave Hayden the illusion that his parents treated Kevin as a son-in-law, and wished to pack her up and send her to Kevin’s bed.

She was also only 28 years old, not to old.

No hurries?

If she wanted to get married, she would consider it after she was 30.

“Hayden, Kevin came all the way to Jensburg as a guest, we have to treat him well, don’t always put on a straight face, as if Kevin came to collect debts.” Donald said about his daughter, and now he also regrets it. Regretting that she acquiesced to her daughter disguised as a man.

He thought that his daughter was just a whim, but who would have thought that his daughter would be dressed up for more than 20 years.

Even worse, they were used to seeing their daughter in clothes made for men. Whenever he looked at his daughter, he thought he had two sons.

Hayden couldn’t be allowed to go on like this.

Let her slowly return to her woman’s body.

Hayden could still be in charge of Queen’s even if she was a woman. Hayden had been in charge of the business for so long that he already had a strong foothold. It didn’t matter whether she was male or female.

Hayden: “Dad, Mr. York is not here to be a guest, he is…”

“Uncle, I am here to take refuge.” Kevin took Hayden’s words.


Both Donald and his wife looked at Kevin, not understanding what he meant.

Hayden stared at Kevin.

Kevin blinked at Hayden, as if he didn’t know what she meant by staring at him.

He embarrassedly complained to Donald and his wife: “It’s not the elders in my family who urged the marriage too hard. I couldn’t resist it, so I ran away.

In the past, the elders also urged marriage, but at that time, my elder brother and second brother were still single, and I was the third in line. They urged the marriage, and I could use the elder brother and the second brother as a shield. Now the elder brother is married, and the second brother is also engaged. There is no more shield. Ten thousand arrows can pierce the heart, and I can’t do without running.”

Hearing this, Donald and his wife exchanged glances.

Hayden noticed that her parents’ eyes were shining. Now she really wanted to sew up Kevin’s mouth with a needle.

Such a long tongue, so many words.

A big man didn’t know how to be more prudent and say a few words less.

Kevin: My mouth was born for talking and eating.

Hayden: “…”


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