Married at First Sight Chapter 2482 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2482-Camryn laughed. She only knew that Zachary liked to be jealous. Now it seemed that Callum also liked to be jealous.

Carrie stood at the door and became furious when she saw Callum holding Camryn’s hand and the two of them slowly walking towards her.

She was in prison, but Camryn fell in love with Callum outside. Callum was extraordinarily handsome, not inferior to Zachary at all, but Zachary was too serious and cold, while Callum was much gentler, leaving Carrie to choose. If so, she would choose Callum.

But she didn’t have this choice.

First of all, she was in her early twenties. Even if her parents didn’t go in, they wouldn’t let her get married so quickly. They would keep her for a few more years.

Secondly, she could only meet the young masters of the York family, let alone choose them as her boyfriends.

Carrie was envious when she saw Camryn and Callum standing together because they were both attractive and talented.

Wasn’t it because Camryn was able to take over everything in the Newman family and cause her two eldest aunts’ families to become bankrupt and in debt because of the power of the York family?

She was still inside and couldn’t do anything to Camryn, but now that she was out, she would never let Camryn get her wish or make her happy!

“Blind woman, open the door for me immediately and let me in! Where is the housekeeper? Where is the servant?”

After she called Camryn, she did not see the housekeeper or other servants appear.

Did Camryn replace them all?

D*mned blind woman!

Why should she replace all the people her mother trained?

Camryn: “Carrie, when did you come out?”

Carrie: “You don’t care when I came out; open the door for me immediately.”

Camryn walked to the door of the villa but did not open it. She looked at Carrie and said calmly, “I can’t see and can’t open the door. You can find a way to get in by yourself.”

“Blind woman…”

Callum suddenly kicked the door, frightened Carrie, and took several steps back. She looked at Callum in horror, who looked as gentle as jade just now, but in an instant she became fierce, with cold eyes that were sharpened. Something about her made her feel afraid for no reason.

Callum changed his face so quickly!

He said, “Call Blind Woman again; believe it or not, I will cut out your tongue and feed it to the dogs!”

Callum warned Carrie in a sinister tone.

He could let Camryn handle the fight between the sisters however they wanted, but he couldn’t bear to hear others calling his fiancée blind.

Not to mention that Camryn could see the light again; even if Camryn was still blind, he would not allow anyone to call Camryn blind in front of him.

Carrie was frightened. She believed that Callum dared to do this.


Camryn pulled Callum away but still spoke calmly and said to Callum, “Carrie is timid. Don’t freak her out. Tonight, she will have bad dreams that she can’t sleep because the ghosts are yelling in the middle of the night. All of it is your fault.”

“Camryn, you were just screaming in the middle of the night, and our whole family is screaming. We are from the same mother; we are like a family; our whole family is screaming, including you.”

Carrie choked.

She wished that Camryn was not her mother’s biological child, but unfortunately, her mother said that Camryn and she were really sisters, sisters from the same mother.


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