Married at First Sight Chapter 2484 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2484-Carrie was so angry that she jumped up and down again.

After standing there in the sun for a long time, she felt very hot.

Her face turned red from the sun, and there were beads of sweat on her forehead and face.

She kept scolding Camryn until her mouth was dry and she had no water to drink.

Besides, Camryn had already entered the room. No matter how loud she yelled, Camryn might not be able to hear her.

Looking up at the door, Carrie decided to open it and enter.

The door was hollow, so she could still climb over it if she was careful.

Thinking like this, Carrie started to open the door.

On the second floor at the moment, Camryn was in her room, standing in front of the window, looking in the direction of the villa’s entrance.

Since her eyesight had not fully recovered, she could not see clearly from a distance, so she asked the man next to her, “Is Carrie gone?”

Callum: “No, she’s opening the door.”

Camryn said, Oh, and then smiled again: “Carrie never imagined that she would have such a day. In the past, she locked the door and wouldn’t let anyone open it for me. She asked me to find a way to get in by myself. I also climbed in through the door.

I couldn’t see a lot of glass shards on the ground. Even if I could fumble through the door and get in, my palms were cut by the glass shards when I landed, and some shards were inserted into my flesh.”

I saw it myself. I couldn’t use a needle to pick out the glass fragments. The servants at home only listened to her mother and daughter, and no one helped me pick out the fragments. I endured the pain in my hands all night and went out the next day. So I asked a stranger for help picking out the fragments in my palm.

Even after picking them out, my palms still hurt, and I didn’t have money to go to the hospital for medicine. It was the stranger who helped me pick out the pieces. Seeing how many injuries my hands had, he sympathized with me and bought me disinfectant. Give me painkilling and hemostatic medicine; disinfect it before applying it.

I was seventeen years old that year, and Carrie was only eleven years old. She had taken pleasure in treating me since she was a child. After I became blind, at first unable to adapt to the dark life, I suffered a lot at the hands of her and that woman.”

After knowing that her difficulty giving birth was due to her mother’s hand, Camryn stopped calling her mother and used that woman instead.

After Callum heard this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called the new butler of the Newman family, the person he had arranged to come in.

After the new butler answered the phone, he ordered in a low voice, “Let the four wolf dogs out of the backyard and put them in the front yard.”

Carrie once bullied Camryn like this. If Callum didn’t retaliate, looking at the color, he would feel sorry for himself.

The butler immediately called the workers who were looking after the four wolf dogs and asked them to let the four wolf dogs out into the front yard.

Four wolf dogs were chained during the day and released at night, two in the front yard and two in the back yard, helping Camryn guard the large villa.

The workers of the Newman family would wander in front of the four wolf dogs several times every day. The wolf dogs recognized them and would not attack them, but they did not recognize Carrie.

Now that Carrie was climbing in through the door again, the four wolf dogs thought she was a thief.

As soon as they were put in the front yard and saw Carrie at the door, they spread their legs and ran to the door. Moreover, they didn’t even bark at Carrie. Carrie turned around and was ready to jump down.

She saw four ferocious wolf dogs standing side by side, staring at her fiercely, waiting for her to jump down, and then swarming up and biting her.

Carrie was so frightened that she almost fell off.


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