The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6196

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6196-“you’re placed second among the powerhouses at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation in Genesis World,” Lyla interrupted coldly.

“I’ve always wanted to challenge you, but I couldn’t find a chance to.

Now’s the time.” “Lyla.” Yancy panicked.

While stepping backward, he shouted angrily, “Since I’m injured, you’ll definitely win.

You…” However, just as Lyla was about to attack Yancy, aterrifying aura manifested in the eastern part of the void.

Under the aura, countless rifts appeared in the void.

The void collapsed instantly.

James and the others turned to look at the void.

They saw Yaquis Holiness and dozens of powerhouses at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation walking over.

Upon seeing that, Yancy, who had been terrified, laughed freely.

He now had a chance of survival.

“My help has arrived.

Today will be your doomsday.

Lyla, no matter how strong you are, you won’t be the match of a powerhouse in the Quasi Daeclon Rank.

“Don’t worry.

I won’t let Yaquis Holiness kill you.

I will only let him seal your cultivation and make you my partner in cultivation.” Then, Yancy licked his lips lewdly.

“I have taken a fancy to you for along time.

Now, I can be intimate with you.

Hahahahaha.” Looking at how wildly Yancy was laughing, Lyla exuded a Murderous Energy.

However, she was blocked by James.

“Calm down for now.” Lyla was speechless.

“James, long time no see.” At this time, Yaquis Holiness laughed in the outside ring of the void.

“Sir Yaquis.” James looked at Yaquis Holiness.

“Aren’t you busy? Why are you so free to watch the battle?” “T have nothing to do now.” Yaquis Holiness laughed.

“I’m interested in your battle.” Upon hearing that, James smiled meaningfully.

Yaquis Holiness was a cunning man.

There must have been a reason behind his appearance.

Then, Yancy, who was initially laughing, appeared beside Yaquis Holiness.

“Sir Yaquis, you’ re finally here.

This is the descendant of Franciscus.

He’s a demon of the Dark World.

He’s trying to get our Sanctum Genesis World.

He’s openly going against our new alliance.” “Also, this is Lyla, the Law Enforcement Great Elder of the Timaeus Sect.

She has colluded with a Dark Demon.

We should apprehend her and seal her cultivation.

Then, we can summon the Genesis World and expose the Timaeus Sect.” When Yaquis Holiness heard Yancy’s words, he rolled his eyes at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be recuperating in the Behaterm Sect’s headquarters?

You couldn’t even participate in the battle this time, so why are you here?” Upon hearing that, Yancy was stunned.

“No, Sir Yaquis.

The Behaterm Sect won this Sanctum Genesis World.

Of course, it belongs to us…” “Who told you that?” Yaquis Holiness cut Yancy off.

“Did I agree to this?” At that, Yancy did not know what to say.

At this moment, a beautiful female powerhouse ridiculed, “It seems that Sir Yancy has coveted the Sanctum Sect because of Wylie, who enchanted everyone.

That’s why he came here for recuperation.” When Yancy heard that, his face darkened.

“Xaila, stop spouting nonsense.

You…” “T heard that Wylie of the Sanctum Sect is Xachary and Gladwin’s partner in cultivation.” All of a sudden, James said, “But, I saw Sir Yancy hugging her with my own eyes.

It’s obvious that they have become partners in cultivation.” Then, James looked at Yaquis Holiness, who had a ghastly expression.

“Sir Yaquis, it seems that the new alliance isn’t entirely together.

Sir Yancy has become partners with Gladwin and Xachary’s partner in cultivation.

Did he fall for her beauty? Was he planning on leading the Behaterm Sect to betrayal and take refuge in the Timaeus Sect and Righteous Alliance?”

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