Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 770 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 770

“She’s driving. Do you have something to say to Seren, Aunt Audrey? I’ll put her on.”

Liberty was about to hand the phone to her sister when Mrs. Stone uttered, “It’s okay. Tell Seren to drive safely. Tell her not to put up with any mistreatments while she’s at her in–laws. It doesn’t matter who they are. You’re my nieces. You deserve only the best.”

Having found out her nephew–in–law was Zachary, Mrs. Stone did not know how she felt about it in the last few days. She mentioned it to her son, and her son had known about it too. However, he wanted to keep it from Elisa.

Mrs. Stone did not want her daughter to know that Zachary’s mysterious wife was Serenity either.

Everybody was dying to find out who the missus of the York family was, not knowing that she was right under their nose.

Some even got on well with the missus of the Yorks.

Jasmine, for example, was into the hottest gossip about Mr. York. She was curious about who had won his heart and even wanted to know how his missus tamed him. Unbeknownst to her, her best friend was ‘the‘ Mrs. York.

The Stones decided to travel for the holidays only because they did not want Elisa to find out that Serenity’s husband was Zachary.

Serenity mentioned that she would bring her husband over for a visit and introduce him to the Stones.

The way Mrs. Stone saw it, Serenity would not be able to bring Zachary along if the family was away and returned after the holidays. By then, Zachary would be back at work. It would be hard to make time since work took up a lot of Zachary’s time.

Anyway, the Stones planned to keep it from Elisa as long as they could.

Serenity replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Aunt Audrey. I won’t put up with any malice. Besides, my in–laws are really nice, and I mean all of them. We get along well.

“Zachary will be there too. He won’t put me in the spot.”

Mrs. Stone happily responded, “I know you’re a strong woman. You won’t take anything lying down. I can relax knowing that. I’ve never met your in–laws, but I went and asked around. They’re very nice folks.”

Although it was a rivaling family, Mrs. Stone had to admit that the Yorks were good people.

It was not her daughter’s destiny to be a part of the York family.

Thinking about Elisa’s love for Zachary, Mrs. Stone sighed in her mind. Elisa was egoistic and proud. The only man she could see as an equal was Zachary.

However, Zachary married Serenity. Serenity was not a bad choice, but she had nothing on Elisa.

Elisa was a more suitable match for Zachary.It was a pity…

God knew how Elisa would react when she learned the truth. Perhaps she could accept the fact wholeheartedly if Serenity was better than her in every way.

“Aunt Audrey, I’ll take Zachary to see you when you’re back from your travels.”

Mrs. Stone grinned. “Alright. That reminds me. I got you and Sonny some gifts for Christmas. We’re about to make a move. I’ll have the butler make the delivery.”

She could send shoppingmode Apple cash to the sisters, but the girls would not accept it. Hence, she prepared wads of cash and sent the butler for the delivery just before the family went out. That way, the sisters could not return the money even if they wanted to because the Stones were already away.

The butler would also be delivering expensive gifts to Serenity and Liberty.

“Aunt Audrey, we’re too old for presents. You can just give one to Sonny.”

“I don’t care how old you are. You’re still children in my eyes. If you don’t want the gifts, you can dump them in the can.”

“We’ll accept the gifts, Aunt Audrey.”

How could they throw away gifts from their aunt?

The gifts were a nice gesture from Aunt Audrey.

After the call, Mrs. Stone handed over the presents to the butler to deliver to Brynfield. Liberty might still be staying with Serenity.


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