Married at First Sight Chapter 1554

Married at First Sight Chapter 1554–The wedding was not held yet, but the York family had already started to make arrangements to get her sister involved in their family business. It was a sign of recognition and trust in her sister.

Liberty was relieved.

Her sister was much luckier than she was.

In the beginning, Serenity got married to Zachary in order to make her feel at ease. The couple had no feelings back then, but now, they were loving each other deeply and living a blissful life.

Most importantly, the York family was the richest family in Wiltspoon, but they never looked down on Serenity’s background.

This was exceptionally rare.

Liberty was genuinely happy for her sister.

Serenity took her mother–in–law’s arm and said like a spoiled child, “Mom, we just got back. Can you let me have some fun?”

Tania poked Serenity’s forehead dotingly and said, “Haven’t you had enough fun? The vegetable farm you invested in is also managed for you. As an investor, all you have to do is check in once in a while. Other than looking after your store, you’re not that busy.”

She looked at her son and joked, “If I had to say what you’re busy with, I’d say you’re busy being in love with Zack.”

Serenity blushed deeply at her mother–in–law’s teasing.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

Tania did not care about her daughter–in–law acting spoiled and dragged Serenity to the second floor which had two study rooms.

The large study was commonly used by Zachary and his father, while the small one was exclusive to Tania. Only Tania and Grandma May had the key to the small study.

However, since Tania married into the family, Grandma May handed over all the managing of the house to her oldest daughter–in–law.

She rarely set foot into the small study again.

If others wanted to enter the small study, they had to get Tania or Grandma May’s consent.

Her second and third daughters–in–law knew about the family estate, but they did not have to worry about managing it. They were only in charge of their private businesses. As for their in–laws‘ huge family business, they would only help out when needed.

Unless Tania asked for help, they would not casually intervene for fear that she would get suspicious and think that they wanted to fight for power.

In any case, they had enough on their plate with their family’s private businesses. Their sons were also capable, so they did not have to worry much. Oh, they only needed to worry about their sons‘ marriages. However, with Grandma May around, they could still relax for a few years.

If Grandma May could not persuade her grandchildren to marry, it would be even harder for them, mothers.

The person the nine young masters of the York family respected the most was Grandma May. They would accept whatever their nana did for them.

Therefore, Grandma May’s second and third daughters–in–law hoped that she would live a long life and help them push their sons to get married. They just had to wait to become mothers–in–law themselves.

Tania took Serenity up into the small study and opened the door with the key she carried with her.

“Your nana doesn’t use this key anymore, so I’ll give you her key later. It’ll be easy for you to come in and look at the books whenever you want.”

Serenity nodded.

After the mother–in–law and daughter–in–law entered the small study, Tania instructed Serenity to close. the door.

Serenity did as she was told.

After closing the door, she turned around and surveyed the small study.

Although it was called a small study, it was not small at all.

In addition to a desk, there was a sofa set and several bookshelves stuffed with books of accounts.

Serenity first thought that the books on the bookshelves were paperbacks, but upon closer look, she saw that they were ledgers. Some ledgers looked quite antique. They should be what the ancestors of the York family had left behind.

“This shelf of books was left behind by the York ancestors. You can flip through it and learn about how the family rose to fortune.”


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