Married at First Sight Chapter 1558

Married at First Sight Chapter 1558–Amy echoed, “Yes, our Camryn is not worthy of Mr. York. I believe your family would not be able to accept that she’s blind too. She even sued her own mother. She’s lacking in virtue and isn’t good enough for Mr. York.”

It seemed that that was their purpose.

Rosella understood what the women came here for today.

They could not stand to see Callum treating Camryn well, so they came here to wreak havoc and ruin Camryn’s reputation in front of her. They wanted to use her to break up Callum and Camryn.

Were they really Camryn’s biological aunts?

They could not stand to see Camryn doing well.

“Is that how you feel about your niece and Callum?”

The smile slipped from Rosella’s face.

“Do you think Camryn is unworthy of Callum? Do you think she lacks virtue? I heard about her suing her own mother. If her biological father truly did die at her mother’s hand, then she did the right thing by choosing justice over family.

“I think that as her aunts, you should take her side instead. After all, her father is your brother. You all have the same parents, right?”

Brenda and Amy were speechless.

“Or do you think your sister–in–law killed your brother because he deserved to die? I haven’t heard of the late Mr. Newman committing any heinous crime that warranted death.

“Besides, as children, can you really do nothing if you find out that your father died at the hands of your mother? Would you let your father die in vain? Although it’s difficult to place righteousness over family, if someone is able to do it, anyone with a conscience should support that person. Everyone is equal before the law.”

The two ladies were wordless.

After a long time, Brenda said, “Yes, Camryn put righteousness over her family, but putting that aside, she can’t see. She’s not worthy of Mr. York. We imposed on you today because we want to save our niece.”

Amy said, “That girl is very single–minded when it comes to relationships. Once she falls in love with someone, she’ll love them for the rest of her life. If it were anyone else, we wouldn’t worry and try to be the villains.”

In the end, they just could not stand to see Callum and Camryn being together.

Their words were disparaging Camryn for being unworthy of Callum.

However, how many ladies in Wiltspoon were really worthy of the York family?

It was enough as long as the York family did not dislike the lady.

Rosella said faintly, “I understand what you mean. You just think that your niece is not good enough for my Callum, right?”

“Yes, Camryn is not worthy of Mr. York,” Brenda said honestly.

Amy echoed, “Our Camryn isn’t bad, but she can’t see. She’s blind. Even ordinary people would dislike her because of that, let alone Mr. York.”

“Can’t her eyes just be cured? Is there no chance of her regaining her sight?”

The two women choked.

They did not know if Camryn could regain her sight. They only knew that Evelyn had been trying to help Camryn treat her eyes. For ten years, she took Camryn all over the country to various hospitals. Whenever she heard of a good ophthalmologist, she would take Camryn to see them.

However, even after ten years, Camryn was still blind.

Amy said, “Camryn has been blind for ten years and has seen countless eye specialists, but she still can’t see. I think it’s difficult for her to regain her sight.”

After a moment of silence, Rosella said, “The York family has always been open–minded. The elders won’t meddle in the relationships of the younger ones. If Callum likes Camryn, that’s his business. All I have to do is wait to become a mother–in–law.

“It doesn’t matter if Camryn can’t see. It’s not like she needs to do anything after marrying into the York family. She just needs to be a good wife and be able to spend money.”

Brenda and Amy were rendered speechless.


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