Married at First Sight Chapter 1897 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1897 by desirenovel-Kevin said: “If I pursue her directly, others will think that I am gay, and I will be responsible for all the hot searches in Jensburg and Wiltspoon by myself.”

Hearing this, Callum laughed.

Grandma arranged Camryn for Callum, but Callum still felt that grandma was partial and the wife she chose for him was blind.

After getting in touch with Camryn and slowly liking her, Callum felt that grandma still loved him, and he liked Camryn’s personality.

When everyone thought she was easy to bully, when she made a move, people were surprised.

Callum believed that Camryn was the ideal bride-to-be as long as he could restore her vision in her eyes.

Compared with Hayden, the third grandson, grandma still favored him more, haha.

The women arranged by grandma for them were a bit difficult for them to pursue, and none of them were perfect.

The elder sister-in-law was perfect, but her family background was a bit poor. If she wanted to become the head wife of the York family in the future, she would need to spend a lot of time studying and growing up.

Did he not notice that his sister-in-law was currently as busy as a donkey pulling a mill?

His oldest brother complained that his sister-in-law had seriously neglected him because of work, making him a resentful husband.

Camryn’s eyesight was not good, Hayden was good enough, but she had been disguised as a man for more than 20 years, it was very difficult for Kevin to win her.

“Second brother!” Hearing Callum’s unbridled laugh, Kevin’s expression turned ugly, and he couldn’t help but growl, “Can you wait until you hang up the phone before laughing? Let me hear it, and I feel bad.”

Callum: “I just want to laugh. Let me listen to you, you can’t hear me, I’m not happy even if I laugh. Who told you to wait until now to take action, and don’t look at the calendar. It’s September, how far is it from the New Year? It took me more than half a year to take Camryn down, and yours is even harder to take down, you deserve to be anxious.”

Kevin: “…”

Callum: “No, I have to hang up the phone and laugh for a while, if you think I’m taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes, you can go to elder brother, and if elder brother has a better way, you can do what elder brother says.”

After finishing speaking, Callum hung up the phone.

Kevin scolded: “Brother, what’s so funny, I never laughed at you before. If you are looking for a big brother, you should look for a big brother, thinking that I dare not look for it, I dare to look for a sister-in-law.”

Kevin really called Zachary.

Zachary was still in FC Manor at the moment, and he planned to fly back to Wiltspoon tomorrow morning.

Serenity and Old Mrs. York stayed in FC Manor for two more days, and then came back with Sonny.

When receiving the call from Kevin, Zachary had just finished helping Sonny take a bath, and the little guy played with Titus all day without a break at noon, playing like crazy.

After eating, Sonny started fishing.

Zachary had to help him take a bath first, and while he was still taking a bath, Sonny fell asleep, making Zachary dumbfounded. He came out of the bathroom with Sonny in his arms, and when he heard the phone ringing, he said to Serenity: “Honey, help me see who is calling, answer it.”

Serenity hummed.

Zachary’s mobile phone was placed on the bedside table. Serenity walked over, picked up the mobile phone and looked at the caller ID, and said to Zachary who came over: “It’s Kevin calling.”

“Pick it up and ask him what’s the matter. Help Sonny put on clothes first.”


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