Married at First Sight Chapter 1899 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1899 by desirenovel-Since both the sister-in-law and the second brother suggested that he pursued Hayden directly, Kevin decided to start chasing his wife tomorrow.

As long as grandma didn’t cheat him.

Come to think of it, grandma wouldn’t cheat him, would she?

He was grandma’s grandson.

No more words for one night.

Early the next morning, Zachary flew back to Wiltspoon.

Serenity and Grandma were still staying at FC Manor, planning to return to Wiltspoon in two or three days.

Lilian had been discharged from the hospital and went home for confinement.

Sonny enjoyed staying at FC Manor a lot and noticed that there were lots of kids, even though they were young and couldn’t do anything but cry.

Sonny and Titus went to Lilian’s place to see the little baby.

Sonny clamored for a baby, and asked Serenity to give him a little brother. He said that Titus had four little brothers and a little sister, and he was not greedy, as long as he had a little brother and a little sister.

Serenity was dizzy from his noise, called her sister, then put the phone into Sonny’s hand, and said to Sonny: “If you want younger brothers and sisters, go to your mother.”

Holding the phone, Sonny asked Liberty: “Mom, I want a younger brother and younger sister. When will you give me a younger brother and younger sister? I’m not greedy, just have one younger brother and younger sister.”

Liberty: “Mum has already given birth to you, and will not have any younger siblings.”

“Why?” Sonny didn’t understand, “Titus’s mother can give him a younger brother and sister, why can’t my mother?”

Liberty explained: “Mom doesn’t want to have a baby anymore, as long as Mom has you. I don’t want to have a second child. Besides, Mom and your father have divorced, and Mom can’t have children by herself.”

Sonny suddenly clamored for a baby. The younger siblings were originally influenced by Jane’s adopted son.

After Sonny thought about it, he asked, “Then, can Mom and Uncle Duncan have children together?”

His Mom and Dad were divorced and couldn’t have children. His Uncle Duncan was very kind to Mom.

Liberty: “…Sonny, Mom and your Uncle Duncan are just friends, not husband and wife. If that’s the case, don’t talk about it in the future, or mom will be angry.”

Sonny felt a little wronged.

Didn’t he have no siblings?

Liberty: “Sonny, give your aunt the phone, Mom will talk to your aunt.”

Sonny returned the phone to the aunt aggrieved, not understanding why he couldn’t do it if he wanted younger siblings.

When he said he wanted younger brothers and sisters before, his mother said that his aunt would have a younger brother or younger sister.

After waiting for such a long time, his aunt didn’t have a baby brother. He asked his aunt when she would have a baby brother. His aunt was annoyed by his questioning, so she asked him to ask his mother. His mother seemed a little angry again.

“Sister.” Serenity laughed uncontrollably as early as on the side.

Liberty: “Sonny has been asking me today when I will give birth to a little brother or a little sister. I am so dizzy from his questions, I can’t wait to seal his mouth with tape.”

Serenity: “Just now, he and Titus went to Dr. Carden’s place to see his little brother, and when he came back, he teased Avah and Enzo to play, and for some reason, he quarreled with Titus, and Titus said that his younger siblings, Sonny couldn’t argue, so he asked you to give birth to younger siblings.”

Sonny’s handsome face was full of grievances.

Titus was too stingy. Sonny wanted to touch Sister Avah’s face, but Titus wouldn’t let him do it, he just wanted to, and then Titus quarreled with him.

Was it great to have younger siblings?


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