Married at First Sight Chapter 1900 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1900 by desirenovel-As long as Sonny wanted, He believed his mother and aunt would satisfy him.

Liberty couldn’t help laughing on the phone, she laughed and said, “So it’s no wonder he wants siblings. I said that he had never had a fight like that. In the end, it turned into a fight with Titus. The two are about the same age, they can play well together, but sometimes they fight over toys and have fights, but they will soon make up. This is how children are.”

When Serenity was talking with his sister, Titus came in with two water guns.

“Sonny.” Titus yelled at Sonny as he walked over, “Sonny, let’s go play with water guns. I have many, many water guns. Let me give you one.”

Seeing that Titus invited him to play with water guns, Sonny immediately stopped being wronged and trotted towards Titus.

Then the two children, under the care of the nanny, went out to play with water guns outside.

Serenity: “Sister, it’s okay, the two of them are playing together again.”

Liberty: “Well, when will you come back?”

“I’ll be back in two days, but Sonny doesn’t want to leave. He said he wants to play with Titus, He said he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten anymore.”

Liberty said with a funny face, “It’s too much fun. He’ll come back after playing for two days, let him calm down and go to school again, so as not to cry too much.”

“Okay. Sister, is Hank still awake?” Serenity asked about the condition of his ex-brother-in-law.

Liberty said, “Not yet. I just came back from the hospital and went to see Chelsea. Chelsea’s injury is not serious and she will be discharged soon.”

Liberty didn’t go to the hospital every day. She was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Brown family, but for the sake of her son, she went to visit her ex-aunt’s former in-laws.

Hank was still lying in the intensive care unit, and everyone in the Brown family was unwilling to give up.

Doctors were not sure whether he would wake up.

Since the family members were unwilling to give up, let the injured continue to lie in the intensive care unit, waiting for a miracle.

Hank was still in a coma, and Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown went in to have a look within the stipulated time, and they didn’t usually have to be in the hospital. In a short period of time, the old couple had aged ten years.

Chelsea scolded Jessica every day in the ward, saying that when she was discharged from the hospital, she must hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit with Jessica, and wanted Jessica to be sentenced to death. then Jessica would be given a heavy sentence, but not the death penalty.

If Hank couldn’t wake up, and lived his short life like that, Jessica committed the crime of intentional homicide, and the death penalty would not escape the death penalty.

“Well, I thought that if Hank woke up and Sonny was still playing outside with me, it wouldn’t be good if he couldn’t see his father right away. Since he hasn’t woken up yet, no one would blame Sonny. After all, Sonny is still a child.”

Sonny didn’t know life and death.

When Sonny went to the hospital to see his father, his grandparents urged his mother to take him home. He only knew that his father was sick, and his mother said that the doctor would cure him.

Sonny didn’t know what happened between adults. He was a child of only 3 years old. His aunt grabbed the tail of the summer vacation and took him out to relax, and he went out.

“That’s not true. Everyone knows that Sonny is still a child, so he won’t criticize Sonny.”

Hank’s parents went to the hospital regularly every day and then left.

How could they ask Sonny to keep him in the hospital?


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