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Married at First Sight Chapter 2492-Clive said, “Dr. Carden’s medical skills are really good. She was here before you came, but she was very busy and left after less than ten minutes.”

Lilian was Remy’s fourth sister-in-law, and Elisa and Remy were a couple. The Stone family and the Johnson family would become in-laws in the future. Knowing that Alice had given birth to a baby, Lilian would definitely come to take a look.

Callum said, “She was very busy and said she wanted to see patients.”

Callum was full of gratitude for Lilian. Despite Lilian’s claims that she borrowed credit from her forebears and claimed that they had cured Camryn of half of her eye problems, Camryn was able to see after receiving additional medication.

He was still grateful.

Clive: “You two are getting married soon.”

Callum: “Yes, it’s close.”

When Callum mentioned getting married, his face was filled with smiles.

Callum: “When will my sister-in-law be discharged from the hospital?”

Clive: “She gave birth naturally and will be discharged in two days.”

Callum hummed again.

Callum and Clive didn’t have many topics to talk about, mainly because they hadn’t dealt with each other before.

After Serenity recognized her marriage, both the Stone and York families considered Serenity, so they didn’t fight to the death like before. However, it was impossible for the two groups to cooperate or get along like friends.

Occasionally, they liked to stab each other in the back, but they didn’t dare to stab too deeply for fear that Serenity would find out.

The two of them soon ran out of topics to talk about. It was just that they looked at each other’s faces.

Finally, Clive asked Callum, “Do you want to watch TV? I’ll turn on the TV for you to watch.”

Callum: “No, we’ll go back to the villa later.”

Clive: “Yeah.”

There was nothing to say again.

Fortunately, Camryn came out quickly.

After the baby fell asleep, she placed the baby next to Alice and slept next to her mother. The baby slept longer.

Seeing Camryn come out, Callum stood up and faced his fiancée.

Camryn said, “Sister, you need to rest. The baby is asleep. I’ll come to see you another day.”

After all, Alice had just given birth not long ago, so she needed a good rest.

Callum hummed, took Camryn’s hand, and said goodbye to Clive.

Clive sent the two of them out until they arrived at the elevator, then turned around and walked back.

Both Alice and her son fell asleep.

Clive sat down in front of the bed and looked at the mother and son with soft eyes. He couldn’t help but come closer, lean down, and kiss his beloved wife on the forehead, then kiss his son’s little face.

His hands shook when he touched the baby. He quickly patted the baby gently, and the baby fell asleep peacefully again.

The more he looked at the baby, the more he liked it. Clive simply picked up his son and let him sleep in his arms.

Although his hugging posture was not good, he needed to be hugged more and practiced more to be able to hold him well.

This baby tormented his beloved wife for nearly ten months. He once wanted to give up on the baby, and the couple almost got divorced because of this. Even Zachary and Serenity came to dissuade him.

Now, looking at his son’s adorable appearance, Clive’s heart softened.

With a loving wife and son, his life was perfect.


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