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Married at First Sight Chapter 2494-Matriarch Farrell also looked at Audrey, trying hard to find the shadow of her eldest sister in her.

Except for the calm and capable aura that resembled that of her eldest sister, the appearance was not quite the same, but she looked like her brother-in-law.

The aunt and nephew were like this: they looked at each other’s faces, but neither one of them took a step forward and said nothing.

After a long time, Audrey said calmly, “Mrs. Farrell, please sit down.”

Matriarch Farrell took a few steps forward and finally stopped in front of Audrey. At a close distance, she said softly, “You are very much like my brother-in-law. That’s right, when you were a child, you looked like your father, and your sister looked like my eldest sister.”

“What do you mean, Mrs. Farrell?” Audrey asked coldly.

Matriarch Farrell smiled and said, “Audrey, I think you already know a lot of things. It’s impossible that you don’t know about the rumors in Jensburg.”

Everyone was saying that the two daughters of the previous head of the Farrell family were in Wiltspoon.

Even her own daughter secretly went to Wiltspoon to inquire about the news.

She had been in Wiltspoon for half a month and had learned everything she could.

The main reason was that the surname Farrell was rare. There were not many people with the surname Farrell in Wiltspoon. The only person whose age matched her eldest niece was Audrey. Knowing Audrey’s great achievements in her youth, Matriarch Farrell could be sure that Audrey was her eldest niece without any doubt.

Audrey’s shrewdness and ability in the business world have the shadow of Matriarch Farrell’s eldest sister.

At that time, Matriarch Farrell’s eldest sister hadn’t taken good care of herself after giving birth and was busy with the company and family affairs, so her health had not been well taken care of. In the end, she had to be taught how to deal with some things, and she would not have had the chance to defeat her. The eldest sister and the younger sister sit at the head of the family.

Audrey continued to be unconcerned as she said, “I know, they all said that my whole family, aside from me and my sister, all died in your hands, and that you also killed my aunt.”

Matriarch Farrell’s expression did not change.

She sat down in front of the sofa.

She motioned to the bodyguards to put the generous gift she brought on the coffee table, and then she motioned for the bodyguards to go out.

After the bodyguards all left, Matriarch Farrell looked at Audrey again. After looking her up and down, she said, “Audrey, you and your husband are quite good.”

“Hello, Mrs. Farrell.” Darrell didn’t even call Matriarch Farrell when he saw her. He followed Audrey and didn’t say anything.

His mother-in-law’s family, whom he had never met, were most likely killed by this woman, Matriarch Farrell.

Audrey motioned to her husband to make a pot of tea for Matriarch Farrell.

She sat down opposite Matriarch Farrell and locked her eyes with her sharply. “Mrs. Farrell, you didn’t answer my question.”

Matriarch Farrell smiled and said, “Audrey, you also said that’s what they said. They have evidence? Aren’t they all rumors? They are rumors. Most of the rumors are false. Our Farrell family has some differences. Others deliberately spread such rumors in order to destroy the relationship between our aunt and nephew.”

Audrey knew that Matriarch Farrell would not admit it.

Even Matriarch Farrell was not stupid enough to admit to being a murderer.

Audrey suffered from the fact that she had no evidence now. Several decades have passed since the incident. When her family suffered huge changes, she was just a few years old. She was now in her fifties and sixties. Even if she wanted to find evidence, it was very difficult.

Audrey: “There are many false rumors, but there is no smoke without fire.”

Matriarch Farrell still looked calm. She said, “Audrey, if you believe the rumors, you will fall into their alienation plan. Now you are also powerful. You can go and investigate. If there is evidence that I killed your parents, you can send me to prison at any time.

Even though your mother is my sister, she raised me and treats me like a mother. How unconscionable can I be to kill my eldest sister, who is like a mother?

When something happened to your family, I was dealing with various things outside. I was negligent and didn’t take good care of it. It was my fault that the nanny took you and your sister away. It was my negligence. I’m sorry for you and your sister. But I have never given up looking for you and your sister.”


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