Married at First Sight Chapter 2495 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2495-Audrey made a pot of tea for Matriarch Farrell.

She poured a cup of tea for Matriarch Farrell. She placed the cup of tea in front of her, raised her eyes to look at her, her eyes twinkling, and asked, “Now that you have found your two sisters, will you give me the title of matriarch?”

Her sister was dead, but she was still alive, and both of her sisters had daughters.

According to the rules of the Farrell family, her daughter would be named Farrell and inherit the position of head of the Farrell family in the future. However, Elisa did not want to, and she would not sit in that position so her sister’s descendants could take over.

Matriarch Farrell did not expect that Audrey would ask her like this.

The aunt, Matriarch Farrell, and niece, Audrey, had not seen each other for decades, but when they met again, Audrey spoke to Matriarch Farrell with a gun and a stick, and Matriarch Farrell did not believe anything Audrey said.

Matriarch Farrell didn’t expect Audrey to believe what she said.

She also knew clearly about Audrey’s legend in Wiltspoon.

But she still didn’t expect Audrey’s words to be so sharp.

For a moment, Matriarch Farrell didn’t know how to answer.

Audrey sat upright and looked directly at Matriarch Farrell. The corners of her mouth were slightly curved, as if she were smiling but not smiling, and she seemed to be mocking Matriarch Farrell’s hypocrisy.

Matriarch Farrell had anger in her heart.

Ever since she killed the eldest sister and the younger sister and took the position of head of the Farrell family, no one dared treat her like this. Everyone treated her respectfully.

She was used to others being obedient and respectful, but now that she was being mocked silently by Audrey, it was strange that Matriarch Farrell was not angry, but it was difficult for her to get angry.

This was the Stone family’s mansion, and it was still in Wiltspoon, not the Farrell family’s territory. No matter how angry she was, she had to endure it.

Audrey said, “For decades, Mrs. Farrell, you have sent people to look for my sisters. I think it’s true, but I don’t know if you’re looking for my sisters to help my parents take care of us or to get rid of the root cause.”


Matriarch Farrell whispered that she had taken good care of herself, but since she was already seventy years old, no matter how well she took care of herself, she still had an old look. There was pain on her face, and she said, “Audrey, you still believe those rumors and think that your parents and others were killed by me?

I came to you because I really wanted to raise you well. I never thought of harming you. You and your sister are the blood of my eldest sister left in this world. How could I…? Audrey, we haven’t seen each other for decades, and I don’t blame you if you don’t trust me.”


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