The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6559

 Hong Changqing didn’t know what gifts charlie Wade wanted to give everyone, but according to his opinion, since everyone of more than 400 people had a share, it was probably something money could buy.

  For Hong Changqing, he was not short of money, but he was not very interested in anything that money could buy. But since charlie Wade said it, he naturally wanted to support him, so he said very gratefully: ” Master Wade, who has so many things to do, is still thinking about us, which really flatters the subordinates. I would like to thank Master Wade on behalf of everyone!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Master Hong Tian, ​​you don’t have to be so polite.”/

  Hong Changqing said respectfully: “Master Wade, if you don’t say goodbye, As instructed, my subordinates will call Miss Ito first.”


  Hong Changqing said goodbye and left, then returned to the martial arts hall, called out Nanako Ito, and whispered: “Miss Ito, Master Wade is here. Office, let you go there to meet him.”

  As soon as Ito Nanako heard that charlie Wade was coming, she immediately said with surprise: “Mr. charlie Wade is here! Then I will go there now! Thank you Hong Tianshi!”

  After that, she said deeply to Hong Changqing Bowed deeply.

  Hong Changqing was stunned for a moment and thought to himself: “I’m just passing on a message, what do you want to thank me for?”

  Just as he was thinking about it, Ito Nanako had already run away.

  Soon, Nanako Ito arrived at the door of the general manager’s office. Before she could knock on the door, charlie Wade said from inside: “Come in, Nanako.” Nanako Ito carefully pushed the

  door open, and first exposed her head and looked at charlie Wade. He smiled sweetly, then entered the office, closed the door with his back, and asked charlie Wade happily: ” when did you come back?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said, “I just came back today.”

  After that, he Looking at Nanako Ito, she was suddenly stunned and exclaimed: “Nanako, you…how do you have spiritual energy in your body?!”

  Nanako Ito asked charlie Wade with some excitement and shyness: “Did charlie Wade see it?”

  charlie Wade He nodded heavily, and then asked her: “You… have you enlightened?”

  Ito Nanako smiled, nodded and said: “I feel that my whole state has changed a lot, my senses are much stronger than before, and I can also do When you feel the surrounding things, you should be considered enlightened…”

  charlie Wade was excited and overjoyed!

  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that there would be people around me who could achieve enlightenment.

  This gave him a feeling similar to that of a person who is forced to walk alone in the dark and suddenly meets like-minded friends to accompany him and walk hand in hand.

  He was so excited that he subconsciously took Nanako’s hand and transferred a trace of spiritual energy into his body. He immediately confirmed that Nanako Ito’s sea of ​​consciousness already had spiritual energy, and that she had truly realized the Tao and was like himself, and could control it. A spiritual person.

  He couldn’t help but ask: “Nanako, how did you do it?”

  Ito Nanako said truthfully: “By chance, I heard that an eminent monk came to Aurous Hill to give lectures and could also consecrate people and bless amulets, so I went to Qixia Temple to meet him. , but he insisted that I have Hui Gen and wanted me to study Buddhism like him after I became enlightened. I said that I was not interested in studying Buddhism, but he told me the method of enlightenment. I tried it myself, but nothing happened. If you are careful, you will realize the truth…”

  ”If you are not careful, you will realize the truth…” charlie Wade was completely shocked and couldn’t help but sigh: “Did you know that some people can’t realize the truth for hundreds of years? You have been following the enlightened master all your life, but you have not been able to realize it, and you accidentally enlightened it…”

  Ito Nanako thought that charlie Wade was exaggerating, and laughed softly: “charlie Wade really knows how to joke, who can’t realize it after hundreds of years? Yes, people who haven’t realized the Tao probably won’t be able to live for such a long time, right?”

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