The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6560

  charlie Wade smiled noncommittally.

  Naturally, he couldn’t tell anyone about Lin Wan’er, including Nanako.

  However, it is indeed true that Lin Wan’er took the Evergreen Pill and lived for so many years but still failed to enter Taoism.

  Moreover, the ancestor of the Jiang family had served Meng Changsheng (Willie) all his life, and it can be seen from the image left in that painting that Meng Changsheng (Willie) at that time was indeed sincere to the ancestor of the Jiang family, otherwise he would not have After finding the opportunity, go back and fulfill your promise.

  But even though the ancestor of the Jiang family was treated without reservation by Meng Changsheng (Willie), he still failed to realize the truth.

  It is really incredible that Nanako Ito successfully attained enlightenment under the guidance of a Buddhist master.

  So, charlie Wade asked her: “Nanako, can you tell me the details of your enlightenment?”

  Nanako Ito smiled and said, “Of course, Nanako has no secrets in front of charlie Wadejun.”

  After that, she said How I happened to meet that neighbor in the elevator, how I met Master at Qixia Temple, how I argued with Master Jingqing about selflessness and true self, and how I found the whole process of enlightenment in the sea of ​​consciousness, I told them without reservation. charlie Wade.

  After hearing this, charlie Wade did not have any doubts about Master Jingqing and the trigger of the whole incident.

  After all, when Ito Nanako described it, she said that when she got off the elevator, she happened to meet a neighbor who was on the phone. After hearing the neighbor talk about the amulet, it was Ito Nanako who took the initiative to ask. I know Master Jingqing.

  If someone took the initiative to tell Ito Nanako all this, it would naturally feel a bit deliberate.

  But when Nanako Ito took the initiative to fight for all of this, both Nanako herself and charlie Wade, the bystander, felt that everything was natural.

  Precisely because everything seemed flawless, charlie Wade directly focused his attention on Nanako Ito’s method of enlightenment.

  This is the first time charlie Wade has heard of this idea of ​​letting his spiritual consciousness blend into his own sea of ​​consciousness.

  Because there was almost no process for his enlightenment. After obtaining the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”, he had completed the entire process of enlightenment, so he did not experience how to enlighten himself.

  Surprised, charlie Wade couldn’t help but sigh: “It seems that enlightenment really depends on talent and opportunity. Only a few people can do it by looking inside, and even fewer can look inside the sea of ​​consciousness. There are few, let alone the integration of divine consciousness and sea of ​​consciousness on these foundations… Nanako, you have both talent and opportunity, so you can successfully realize the Tao so early.”

  Ito Nanako nodded and said with a smile: ” Nanako is actually not very interested in enlightenment. She just thought that if I successfully enlightened, I would have more time and opportunities to accompany charlie Wadejun in the future, so I felt full of motivation.”

  charlie Wade was moved in his heart, but he couldn’t help but sigh. : “It’s a pity that I don’t have a mental method suitable for practicing Reiki. Otherwise, I can share it with you and make progress together.”

  Nanako Ito smiled and said: “charlie Wade-kun, don’t be depressed, there is still a long way to go, maybe You can find further opportunities within a certain period of time.”

  charlie Wade nodded slightly in agreement and said: “Yes, don’t worry about this, there will definitely be opportunities in the future.”

  After that, he thought of something and quickly took out a Peiyuan Dan came, handed it to Nanako and said: “Nanako, although you have enlightened now, you don’t have the mental method at hand, and there is no naturally existing spiritual energy around you. It is very difficult to improve your strength, even if you want to increase the spiritual energy in your body. , this elixir is specially used to replenish spiritual energy, please take it first and give it a try!”

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