Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 786 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 786

“Mr. York, Shawn hasn’t gone to look for Serenity in a long time.”

Mrs. Lowe added, “I didn’t know Serenity was your wife, but I know Serenity has been married for quite a few months, and yet Shawn persisted in bothering her. I knew this wasn’t right, which was why I forcibly stopped him from going to Serenity’s bookshop and calling her.”

Zachary said sharply, “Just earlier, your son used a new phone number to call my Seren again. I know he and Seren have known each other for more than a decade and met her before I did, but Seren has chosen me. She is my wife. I will not allow anyone to touch my woman.

“Seren has also harshly rejected him and told him that she does not see him as a man. Seren has always treated him like a little brother, but Shawn Lowe continues to find ways and means to bother her. I very much trust Seren, but I cannot tolerate his pestering of Seren.”

Mr. Lowe hurriedly promised, “Mr. York, don’t worry. When we get back, I’ll definitely discipline Shawn strictly. I promise I won’t let Shawn continue bothering your wife.

“Mr. York, Shawn probably doesn’t know that Serenity is your wife. If he knew, even if he had the heart of a lion, he wouldn’t dare bother Serenity.”

Zachary said coldly, “Seren and I have been married for three months. Even though we’ve been keeping it a secret, Seren did not hide it from Ms. Sox. Shawn too found out long ago that Seren had already married someone. He did not confess his feelings to Seren before that but instead did so after, which means he has committed a wrong.

“You don’t mean to say that if Seren wasn’t my wife, Shawn can continue bothering her, sticking his nose into her marriage, and ruining it, do you?”

“Shawn is indeed in the wrong here. It’s my fault for not educating my son properly. I’m really sorry about this, Mr. York,” said Mr. Lowe.

Zachary said mildly, “This is the reason I asked you to meet me tonight. It’s fine as long as you understand now.”

“I do! I understand now.”

The Lowe couple stood up and took their leave. They could not wait to get back home immediately, get their hands on that rascal, and give him a thorough scolding.

Just as Zachary said, did it mean that their son could continue pestering Serenity if she was not Zachary’s wife?

That would be morally wrong.

The young master of their family was still young and only twenty–two years old. His future was promising and it was not like he would not be able to find a wife, so why did he insist on clinging to a married woman?

After the Lowes left, Zachary immediately went home.

After getting home and seeing Serenity in a deep sleep, he relaxed. He took off his jacket and lay down beside her, looking at her as he lay on his side with one hand on her waist. He could not resist dropping a kiss on her lips as he watched her soundly sleeping face.

“Serenity, in this life, you can only be my, Zachary York’s wife. No one can take you away from me!”

Zachary stepped into the land of dreams with his beloved wife in his arms and a satisfied heart.

Adversely, the Lowe couple went home to their family villa with fury in their hearts.

The moment Mrs. Lowe stepped off the car, she called for the bodyguards who she had hired to keep an eye on Shawn Lowe.

“Didn’t I tell you guys that Shawn isn’t allowed to call Serenity? How did he get a new phone number to contact her with?!”

The bodyguards looked at each other. They did not even know that he had changed his number.

The bodyguard who Shawn Lowe had managed to bribe paled. Luckily, he stood in the back with his head lowered and was not seen by Mr. and Mrs. Lowe. He did his best to calm himself down and not panic. As long as Shawn Lowe did not sell him out, he would be fine.

Mr. Lowe was not in the mood to interrogate the bodyguards. He went upstairs. directly.

Arriving in front of his son’s room, he ferociously kicked at the door and yelled, ” Shawn Lowe, open up!”

Mrs. Lowe was worried her husband would use physical force and had to stop interrogating the bodyguards. She hurried up the stairs.

Shawn Lowe did not open the door.

He was drunk–very drunk–and was currently sleeping like a log. He completely could not hear the sound of his father yelling and kicking at the door.

He did not want to wake up either, because in his dreams, he could approach Serenity without restraint.


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