Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 788 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 788

“After New Year’s, we’ll send him to work in our Havenmill branch for a few years to gain some experience. Once he’s completely gotten over Serenity and matured, we’ll transfer him back here and train him for another two years. If he’s up to the task, I’ll let him take over Lowe Enterprise.

“If he can’t get over it and is unable to rise to take the helm, we can only change the successor then for the future of the Lowe family.”

Mr. Lowe very much hoped his son could be the successor to Lowe Enterprise, but that came with the precondition that his son was up to the task. If his son viewed love as more important than his future, he could only pick a successor anew from amongst his numerous nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Lowe’s expression flickered, and she pursed her lips. She said, “We’ll send him off on the fourth of January. Also, we’ll cut off all his allowance. He’s started working. He can spend as much money as he earns, lest he gets too comfortable.

“We’ll only tell him about Serenity being Zachary’s wife on the third of January. Then, he’ll finally give up and go to Havenmill.”

Mr. Lowe thought his wife’s plan was feasible and said in agreement, “We’ll let him start from the bottom ranks of the Havenmill branch. I’ll get the managing director of the branch to watch over him closely, so nothing happens to him, but I won’t let him get too comfortable either. I’ll freeze all his credit cards too. Once he gets to Havenmill, he can arrange a new bank card connected to his wages.”

For the sake of making Shawn give up on his love for Serenity and molding him into a successor who could take on the heavy burden that was Lowe Enterprise, the husband and wife steeled their hearts.

Shawn did not know that his parents had decided to send him thousands of miles away to Havenmill, and neither did Serenity. For the latter half of the night, she slept very soundly. It felt as if there was a hot water bottle beside her and it was incredibly warm. She slept remarkably well as she hugged the hot water bottle.

Maybe because in her dreams, she was eating good food, so she would occasionally smack her lips.

The next day, when she woke up and saw Zachary lying beside her, she propped her head up on one hand and looked at Zachary’s sleeping face.

However, what she recalled was the good food in her dreams.

She dreamt someone had invited her out for a meal and the table was full of

assorted delicacies. She ate to her heart’s content and her mouth was all oily. In the end, there were two big chicken thighs left that she simply could not stomach and wanted to pack up to bring home to Zachary for him to eat.

Yet, no matter what she did, she could not grab ahold of those two chicken thighs- that went on and on until she woke up.

Reaching out to touch Zachary’s face, Serenity said to herself, “You’re an unlucky one. I wanted to pack two big chicken thighs and bring them home for you to eat, but I just couldn’t grab them.”

Leaning down to give a peck on his handsome face, she then got up to prepare breakfast.

Today, they were going to Whitmore Mansion.

Recalling her dream in which she could not manage to pack up the chicken thighs for Zachary, Serenity immediately went out to buy chicken thighs and reward Zachary for breakfast.

It was raining outside and the wind was blowing, which made it especially chilly.

Carrying an umbrella, Serenity ran to her car and hurriedly got into it after unlocking it. After she started the car, she turned on the heater and slowly warmed up.,

Luckily, the supermarket would only close its doors in the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Serenity went to the supermarket and bought two big chicken thighs. She liked to eat chicken wings, so she bought two pieces for herself and some other things before returning home.

Zachary was still asleep even after she reached home.

As Serenity prepared breakfast in the kitchen, she muttered, “Last night, he went to God–knows–where to do God–knows–what, and now still hasn’t woken up.”


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