Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 791 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 791

Munching on a piece of chicken, Serenity said, “You threw a big tantrum and a fuss, saying that I didn’t see you as a family before I could tell you. Take a look in the

mirror. You didn’t tell me that Mr. Bucham asked you out for drinks. It gave me nightmares.”

Zachary fell silent before uttering, “It’s my fault. I’ll bring you along when Mr. Bucham asks me out next time. You can stop me from drinking, and they can’t make me drink then.”

“They would think you’re a hen–pecked husband.”

“Then so be it. They’re single, so they can’t be hen–pecked husbands even if they want to.”

Amused, Serenity laughed.

She stayed out of his business for the most part so long as Zachary did not do anything that could jeopardize his health.

After filling her belly, Serenity did one last check on the things they were taking with them. The couple made sure nothing was left behind before heading out.

First, they had to drop the three pets and the car keys at Liberty’s.

Liberty took the opportunity to give them Christmas presents when the couple arrived.

With Zachary behind the wheel, he drove his wife to the Yorks‘ old residence for the festive holidays.

Although Serenity long knew that Whitmore Mansion was passed down through generations and steeped in history, she was stunned when she feasted her eyes on the old residence. The family was living large back in the day.

There were no skyscrapers, only quaint buildings. The fence around the residence was tall with security cameras installed everywhere. The security system was top-notch.

The manor was decked out with pavilions, winding corridors, an artificial hill, and a pond. Walking into the estate was like traveling through time.

“Zachary, you’d be a rich heir if you were born in that era.”

Zachary took Serenity for a stroll to show her around the residence. He answered with a smile, “I don’t have to be born in that era. I won’t be able to meet you.”

Technically, he was a rich heir now.

To play along with Zachary, the Yorks moved back into the old residence. The maids were either given the day off or on duty at Wildridge Manor. There was no help at Whitmore Mansion. Zachary, his cousins, and his brothers had to do everything themselves.

Serenity smiled. “It’s a good thing you’re dependable to make money and run annual maintenance to the place. Otherwise, the ancient structure would have collapsed. It’d be a shame to lose a part of history.”

“Do you like it here?”

“Of course.”

With the couple interlocking their fingers, they strolled along the corridor. “We can retire here when we grow old.”

Wildridge Manor was beautiful, but the heritage was not as rich as the old residence. As Serenity mentioned, the place had them time–traveling back in history.

The breathtaking view and quiet environment made it the perfect place for retirement.

Serenity smiled. “Sure.”

Cocking his head, Zachary lowered his chin and gave her a kiss.

He enjoyed the peaceful moment.

During the holidays, the couple roamed every corner of Whitmore Mansion and made sweet memories together.

Zachary’s brothers and cousins got the chills from the couple’s lovey–dovey display. Once vacation time was over, they rushed back to the city before they were forced to watch more of the couple’s affection for each other.

Grandma May thought the young couple’s sweet relationship would make her grandsons consider marriage. It never crossed her mind that they would run away instead. Grandma

May sighed and said to Serenity, “Seren, you’re the oldest sister–in- law to Callum and the rest. Please set your brothers–in–law up for dates if you know any nice girls out there.”

Serenity answered with a grin, “Nana, they have their parents. They don’t need me to set them up. Besides, they have you too. Don’t rush the boys, Nana. It’s not time for Callum and the others yet. They’ll reach that milestone when they meet the right girl, so there’s no point drilling marriage into them.”


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