Married at First Sight Chapter 1565

Married at First Sight Chapter 1565–Grandma May sighed and stopped speaking for Duncan.

After all, she could not guarantee that Duncan would treat Liberty well for the rest of their lives.

“Are the Browns still pestering you?”

Grandma May changed the topic and asked Liberty with concern.

“Seren asked our grandparents to come and rented a place for them on the same floor as the Browns. The Browns have to pass by my grandparents‘ unit every time they go out. With my grandparents in the way, my ex–in–laws rarely appear in front of me nowadays.”

The old lady chuckled and said, “That’s a good idea. I don’t have a good relationship with your grandparents, but you’re still their granddaughter. They have conflicts with and grudges against the Browns, to begin with, so they’re helping you.”

“Seren gave my grandparents the right amount of money from the rent my uncle pays. She also provided them with a rental unit and paid for their food, so of course, they’ll help me.”

Liberty always felt that her grandparents would not help her if they would not benefit from it.

Grandma May commented after a moment of silence, “It’s worth it to do them a little favor to solve your problem. Besides, they’re your grandparents.”

Liberty fell silent for a while. She said after some thought, “Sometimes, I think I’m useless as a sister, always needing Seren to make arrangements and sacrifice for me.”

Grandma May responded, “You can’t say that. After both your parents died, if Seren didn’t have you as her sister, she would’ve probably been sent to an orphanage. You can imagine what kind of life she would’ve lived. You’re the older sister and a mother to her.

“Sisters should help each other without being overly concerned. Seren is extremely grateful to you.”

She took Liberty’s hand and patted the back of it. “Liberty, you’re a good person. Even if you had been lost, you’ve walked out of it. Trust that you’ll live a better life.”

“Grandma May, thank you. I will.”

When Liberty first resigned from Lewis & Co. back then and thought of starting her own business, she hoped to become rich one day. Even if it was not for herself, she wanted to do it for her sister and her son.

If she became rich and successful, she would become her sister’s backing. If her sister was bullied, she could speak up for her.

Though, the Yorks treated Serenity very well.

Serenity and Zachary would still occasionally have conflicts. Liberty always felt useless as she could not be her sister’s backbone. Serenity was always afraid of letting her know when she and Zachary were at odds and not on talking terms.

Perhaps Serenity did not want Liberty to worry.

However, Liberty felt that she was useless. Even if she knew, she could not help her sister.

“Let’s go look at the lotuses.”

“We’re not going to see them fly kites?”

Grandma May answered with a smile, “With so many people keeping Sonny company, you can be at ease.

Rowan is good at taking care of kids. Besides, Duncan’s also with them.”

Since Duncan was present, he would be there for Sonny no matter what happened.

“Duncan likes Sonny very much. I watched him grow up, and I rarely see him treat a child so well. Hist fondness for Sonny definitely isn’t because of you,” Grandma May added.

Liberty believed what the old woman said.

When Duncan started showing his liking for Sonny, Liberty was still a plump woman who weighed more. than two hundred pounds. He could not have liked her at that time.

Nonetheless, Duncan was certainly nice to her in the beginning because of Zachary.

Perhaps he developed feelings for her later on.

Grandma May and Liberty went to the lotus pond to look at the flowers. Some had bloomed, but most of them were still budding.

On the big lawn, Rowan taught Sonny how to fly a kite. Once the kite flew, he passed the string to Sonny for him to grab it.

Following that, Rowan went to fly his own kite.

Duncan watched from the side and shifted his gaze to Sonny.


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