Married at First Sight Chapter 1568

Married at First Sight Chapter 1568–Serenity left Zachary’s shoulder and looked at him. She seemed gossipy “What did the psychic say? Can Jul:an be treated? Or did he lie about it?”

“According to Mr Bucham’s investigation, Julian didn’t lie about it. I don’t think he’d have the guts to

come up with such a lie. As powerful as he is, his dad is still the head of the family. Since Mr. Bucham sti!! hasn’t completely let go of everything. Julian won’t be able to get away.”

Serenity asked, “So he really has hypoactive s*xual desire disorder?”

Zachary nodded

Juan’s update came from Zachary pestering and asking his nana

Then What did the psychic say?”

Julan was also an excellent man, but it was unfortunate that he had hypoactive s*xual desire disorder A person with such a disorder could only depend on fate to find a partner and live a normal life Otherwise, Julian would be someone who was only living in the shell of a man.

He was normal in all aspects but did not react to women.

Zachary answered, “The psychic said he can meet a destined person, but that person hasn’t appeared yet, so he needs to wait.”

“Julian is about the same age as Mr. Lewis, right? Does he still have to wait? Wouldn’t he be forty by the time he gets married and has children?” Serenity asked.

“It probably won’t take that long. I’m guessing it’ll happen in the next two years. Duncan is slightly older than Julian, but I somehow think that Julian will get married before Duncan.”

Zachary’s sister-in-law had no feelings for Duncan at all.

She was also hurt in her past relationship, so it would not be easy to pursue her.

Besides, Mrs. Lewis was also in the way.

Serenity kept quiet when she thought about her sister and Duncan.

“Babe, is that psychic that great?”

“He wouldn’t dare spout nonsense to my nana if he isn’t skilled.”

Serenity chuckled and said, “You said he was talking nonsense. The last time we met, I noticed you were quite polite to him.”

Zachary kissed her on the cheek and grinned. “That’s because he said we’ll have a son and a daughter. Who doesn’t like to hear nice words? Our family wishes for a daughter the most.”

Serenity touched her flat belly and said, “Now, there are only intestines inside. Our children are still sitting on the clouds in the sky.”

People said that children sat on the clouds in the sky to choose their mothers.

No child had chosen Serenity to be their mother yet.

Zachary turned her face toward him and lowered his head to kiss her red lips.

After giving her a deep kiss, Zachary lovingly caressed her glittering red lips with his big hand and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Seren, whatever will be in life, will be. Otherwise, we shouldn’t push it The

psychic said we’ll have a son and a daughter. I believe that it’ll happen one day.

The psychic also said that Serenity will show signs after fall.

After fall happened to be when they would hold their wedding…”

Perhaps Serenity would show signs after their wedding, or she might be pregnant before. The early stage of pregnancy would not affect their wedding.

“I hope what the psychic said will come true,” Serenity expressed.

Zachary noted, “He has tricks up his sleeve.”

In fact, instead of the psychic, Zachary trusted his nana more.

If his nana trusted the psychic, he must be an expert.

“Don’t think too much. I told you that we should go with the flow. The more you think, the more stressed

you are, and the more difficult it’ll be to get pregnant. As long as we have no health problems and our genes don’t conflict with each other, it’ll only be a matter of time before we have children.”


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