Married at First Sight Chapter 1571

Married at First Sight Chapter 1571–Elisa answered, “I think so, but I’ve never met him by chance. The Readings are too low-key.”

Remy hummed.

He had never paid attention to the Readings either.

The Readings’ business was not in Wiltspoon, and there was no collaboration between them and FC & Co. Their whole family kept a low profile, so Remy would not pay attention to them.

Now, Remy had to watch out for Mr. Reading.

For some reason, he felt that Mr. Reading would become his love rival.

Elisa did not know that Remy was already on guard, preventing Mr. Reading from becoming his love rival.

She asked Remy, “Are you not going home this holiday?”

Remy answered, “It’s just for a few days, so I’m too lazy to go back and forth. Besides, I have to keep an eye on the renovation here.”

He looked deeply at Elisa and added, “I’d prefer to go back with you.”

Elisa smiled and did not answer.

Nothing had happened between the two of them yet. It was still early for them to meet each other’s parents.

“I’ll go back inside first to help apply some ointment for my mom.”


This time, Remy was not thick-faced and did not follow Elisa inside.

He stood at the villa entrance and watched her enter the main house before he turned around and walked back.

A few minutes later, Remy drove out alone in his car.

He returned after about half an hour.

Once he was back, he parked his car directly in front of the Stones’ villa and honked.

Soon, the Stones’ maid came out. She saw that it was Remy and opened the villa gate for him to drive his car in.

Remy parked his car and then took the supplements which he had gone out to buy. He went into the house after the maid asked him to.

He wanted to visit his future mother-in-law, who sprained her foot, but he could not come empty-handed. This was why he did not insist on following Elisa into the house earlier-he had to go and buy some supplements.

Ointment had been applied on Mrs. Stone’s foot.

Mrs. Stone kept telling her daughter about how good Mr. Reading was. She said she could not have come home if Mr. Reading had not been kind enough to stop his car and send her home. She forgot to bring her phone when she went out just now.

Clive and his wife looked at each other.

They were grateful that Mr. Reading sent their mom home.

However, they felt that something was wrong when Mrs. Stone overly praised Mr. Reading.

Alice discreetly nudged her husband, who was next to him, and whispered, “Clive, don’t you think that Mom is excessively praising Mr. Reading? She seems to have something else in mind.”

Although it was not nice of Alice to doubt her mother-in-law, she could not help but suspect that her mother-in-law had deliberately planned everything-spraining her foot, chancing upon Mr. Reading, and being sent home by him.

Mr. Reading was probably unknowingly used by Mrs. Stone.

What was Mrs. Stone’s purpose in doing this?

Alice looked at her sister-in-law, who had not realized what was going on. If Alice guessed it right, her mother-in-law did that to create an opportunity for Elisa and Mr. Reading to meet and see if there would be sparks between them.

After all, Alice knew very well that her mother-in-law was against Elisa marrying off to a faraway land.

It was definitely possible for Mrs. Stone to set up something and introduce a few love rivals for Remy to stop Elisa from marrying into the Johnsons, who lived far away.

In fact, Alice admired Remy and thought that he was a good match for her sister-in-law. It was mainly because Elisa and Remy got along well.


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